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Polling On Bryant, Dennis and Hood

April 8, 2011
tags: 2011 Attorney General, 2011 Governor
by Brett

Public Policy Polling is out with another round of data from Mississippi. Among other information, we have some new 2011 numbers from the GOP gubernatorial primary and thoughts on Jim Hood.

Among Republican primary voters, Phil Bryant leads Dave Dennis 63-14. The near 50 point spread in Bryant’s favor certainly confirms his frontrunner status and the work that Dennis has to do to gain traction. Looking at the crosstabs, Bryant has a 50-13 favorable spread. Dennis is obviously less well know with a 12-16 favorable spread, and having more Republicans who know him disapprove than approve isn’t exactly comforting. Looking even deeper at the crosstabs, Bryant has his weakest showing among the 18-29 age bracket (at 31-15). This also happens to be Dennis’ strongest bracket (with a 15-8 favorability rating). However, in the head-to-head match up, there is little change among all ages in their support for Bryant.

We also have numbers on Jim Hood. He was matched up with Roger Wicker (I will post the 2012 numbers later), so we have the AG’s approval and other crosstabs. Hood has a comfortable 43-26 favorability rating including healthy numbers from those who voted for John McCain (33-36), consider themselves somewhat conservative (46-29), Republicans (31-34), males (46-29) and whites (37-33).

This is how Hood is able to win as a Democrat statewide. And not just win with swing voters in North Mississippi, but put up a strong showing in places like Desoto, Madison, and Rankin counties. If Hood could give his secrets to fellow Democrats, they would be in business.

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  1. YAdababoo permalink
    April 8, 2011 10:16 am

    I have a question for all the pundits to answer. Why is it that when I went to attend a fund raiser for Phil, that many of the sponsors were out of State contractors who were competing with Mississippi contractors for business in our State.

    Just FYI, a couple of the participants at that fund raiser were successful in replacing Mississippi contractors from the project and the issue was not competitive pricing.

    Another question would be. Why has MSDEQ been allowed to award a non-competitive contract to out of State companies that hire former DEQ employees in their management?

    Phil was made aware of this practice by DEQ as far back as when he was auditor, so he knows. I find it interesting that one of the sponsors of the Phil Bryant fund raiser was the local manager for that company.

    And one more. When DEQ was awarded money from BP for oil spill boats, why did DEQ purchase those boats through the same contractor who is not a boat dealer? In fact my research shows that the State of Mississippi could have saved about $160,000.00 per boat if the DEQ had purchased them fdrom the manufacturfer instead of using a politically connected deq contractor. PHIL WAS INFORMED OF THIS.

    If we elect Phil, we are going to continue the same old things.

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