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Trent Lott Still Viewed Favorably

April 13, 2011

We have one other piece of information from the Public Policy Polling survey in Mississippi a few weeks ago. They find that Thad Cochran and Trent Lott are still viewed very favorably by Mississippians.

Cochran has a 52-25 approval rating while Lott, who left the Senate in 2008, has similar numbers at 54-26. Within the GOP, Cochran has a 67-16 approval split while Lott’s is 74-16. To be perfectly honest, I was surprised the numbers for Lott remained that high. He has already endorsed Phil Bryant and Billy Hewe; perhaps that endorsement holds more water that originally believed.

Cochran and Lott are also doing fairly well among Democrats, with 41-28 and 38-32 ratings, respectively.

Another interesting numbers is Lott’s approval among African Americans. Lott famously had to step down from his leadership position for his comments regarding Strom Thurmond but he actually has a positive 32-30 rating among blacks. The +2 split is actually higher than Cochran’s (33-32).

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