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Bill Luckett Declares Fundraising Victory

May 13, 2011
tags: 2011 Attorney General, 2011 Governor, Bill Luckett, fundraising, Jim Hood, Johnny DuPree, Phil Bryant
by Brett

Bill Luckett sent out this email yesterday proclaiming success in fundraising for the reporting period, and said this:

“As many of you have probably heard, campaign-filing reports came out this week. We raised more money and had more donors this year than any other candidate in the race for Governor! The groundswell of support is absolutely incredible. Because of your commitment and generosity, we are well on our way to winning the Primary Election this August and becoming Mississippi’s next Governor in November!”

And Luckett’s not lying. He did raise about $2,000 more than Phil Bryant over the same time. Of course, Luckett did receive $125,000 from Morgan Freeman, along with a $150,000 check from his wife, Francine Luckett. Oliver Luckett, who is one of the couple’s children, added $25,000. A $30,000 in-kind contribution for use of a plane was also included.

Money is certainly money, but when you look at this his numbers would be closer to the $230,000 raised by Johnny DuPree if it wasn’t for family and a famous friend. But to be fair, DuPree did loan $50,000 to his campaign.

Luckett also added this when comparing his fundraising to Bryant’s: “While Phil Bryant is in the pocket of big money interests, I’m receiving support from the hard-working men and women of this state.”

Jim Hood fundraiser. Attorney General Jim Hood, who I noted was outraised over the first four months of the year by his Republican opponent Steve Simpson, has a fundraiser lined up for next Thursday in Flora. Here is the e-invite.

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  1. N.C. Stewart, Jr. permalink
    May 13, 2011 5:23 pm

    I happen to know Mr. Luckett.
    “Memphis” Luckett is not, from my personal knowledge of the man, ready or suited for this position. Don’t get me wrong, he is a fantastic lawyer, a persuasive prosecutor and defender, but he is not a politically fit as he believes he is. I personally know some of the people that have donated big bucks to him – most of them admitting themselves to be Yellow Dog Democrats – and the expenditures of these people for the campaign were hardly worries to their pockets. Therefore, I’d say that there is no need for shaking in our boots or him rejoicing, because a little money from a lot of people is much better than a lot of money from a little people.
    Let’s hope we can get Bryant in office come November.

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