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Republican Reaction To Redistricting Ruling

May 16, 2011

Several GOPers have opined on the judicial ruling requiring the 2011 elections to take place under the current district lines.

Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant:

“The court’s ruling now permits the election process to move forward and legislative leaders to work together in the 2012 session for a fair reapportionment plan. As I have stated before, I believe we should follow the Mississippi Constitution which gives the legislature two years to complete reapportionment after the Census. When I appointed the three Senate conferees, I was disappointed the House refused to appoint any conferees, which ended any chance for a resolution this year. Now it is my hope that a plan can be approved in the 2012 legislative session that is fair to all the people of Mississippi.

I also want to take this opportunity and publically thank the men and women of the Senate and House who consistently rose above their self interest and voted against the unfair plan advocated by the House Democrat leadership.”

Treasurer Tate Reeves:

“The court made the proper ruling today and followed the Mississippi Constitution, which calls for redistricting to occur the year after census data is released. I applaud and congratulate Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann for his successful advocacy of the correct outcome in this matter. Today’s ruling is a victory for local election officials and voters who won’t have to be rushed into contending with new maps and district lines this year, only to have them change again next year.”

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann:

“The federal court has ruled in favor of protecting our State’s right to redistrict without federal intervention until the Constitutional process has been exhausted. From the beginning, it was important for me to protect the State Constitution, which protects us every day. With this order, our citizens have retained their Constitutional right to select their representatives.”

State Sen. Billy Hewes:

“The ruling by the federal court in the redistricting case is a victory for Mississippians who want a fair plan in the House and Senate. As someone who was actively involved in the fight, I appreciate the courageous House and Senate members who stood firm for a fair redistricting plan instead of politics as usual. I am pleased by the ruling of the court, and urge the House to negotiate in good faith in the future as we will continue to work on logical, fair districts that will be in the best interests of voters.”

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  1. Dontreadonme permalink
    May 19, 2011 8:05 pm

    A Tea Party victory. I can not believe the Republican Party made such comments during the hearing that violated our Constitution. Thank You Delbert Hoseman for making a stand when no Republicans were smart enough to do so.

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