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Shaun Walley Won’t Seek New Term

May 16, 2011
tags: 2011 State House, HD105, Shaun Walley
by Brett

A breaking news story, Rep. Shaun Walley (D-Leakesville) has withdrawn from the HD 105 race and will not be a candidate for re-election. Walley won a full four-year term in 2007 after winning a special election in 2005. (The Greene County Herald has a story but you will need a subscription to view it).

As for this year, he had done very little fundraising and was facing a strong challenge from Republican Dennis Debar. The last reports we had seen showed that they were the only men in the race, but that will likely certain change now. Still, this is one of those trending Republican areas so if you are a Republican you have to feel good about this. You also have to feel good about seeing a number of Democrats from these competitive areas opting against re-election.

Also worth pointing out that Walley is the second Democrat from that area to abandon re-election plans. Not too long ago, Sen. Tommy Dickerson- who had already qualified- changed his plans and there is now a good possibility the GOP picks up that seat.

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  1. KingMaker permalink
    May 16, 2011 8:39 pm

    Walley was a McCoy loyalist. No idea who the Democrates will try to run last minute, but there’s little chance they’ll be able to finde someone who will be such a willing McCoy puppet.

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