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Ad Wars Have Hit The Airwaves

May 18, 2011
tags: 2011 Governor, Dave Dennis, Phil Bryant
by Brett

Yesterday, Dave Dennis released his first campaign ad (here) of the election and not to be outdone Phil Bryant released two (here and here) this afternoon. And to steal some content from Clay Chandler at the Mississippi Business Journal, we see the distinctions in the two candidates right from the beginning. Bryant as the experienced leaders versus Dennis, the outsider who will reform the state.

And it’s true this has been the message since these two campaigns kicked off in January, but the ads will be first time most actually see and hear the candidates in campaign form. As far as voters paying attention, I still believe it’s a little early before people really get into it. I had one campaign for a down-ballot race tell me they believed people would really start tuning in after the 4th of July. Perhaps things are different in this more high-profile race, but one thing is certain: if one candidate is running ads, the other candidate can’t give up much ground.

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  1. Ron Williams permalink
    May 18, 2011 8:10 pm been advertising since February. We didn’t get any coverage. What’s up with that ?

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