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Why Do Dems Now Want a Special Session?

May 19, 2011
tags: redistricting
by Brett

Earlier today, House Reapportionment Chairman Tommy Reynolds delivered a letter to Haley Barbour asking that he call a special session for legislators to tackle redistricting. Barbour hasn’t responded, and there is no reason for him to do. I imagine the hope of Democrats is that they can flip a few Republican Senators who may not be thrilled with their current districts. One thing that has been overlooked during this battle is that Republican House and Senate members largely put aside their personal interests aside for what is viewed as the interest of the party. Could Dems convince nervous Senators now? We don’t know, and we likely never will know.

But this letter did raise two questions:

1) Where were House Democrats during the regular session? They drafted a plan and presented an all-or-nothing offer to Republicans. Billy McCoy wouldn’t appoint conferees to negotiate with the Senate, and the only change they made was very minor, done behind closed doors and likely favored Democrats (more so than even the original map). And that leads to my second question…

2) Why now? The judges have recently ruled that all members must run under the 2002 lines. That is what is going to happen. Why would the Democrats want anything different? As the PR battle went on over who came out best from the ruling, why would the Democrats want to change anything if they were happy…or if they thought they ended up with a good deal?

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  1. Vanguard for Democracy permalink
    May 19, 2011 3:12 pm

    Wait a second. You conservatives are just trying to confuse me. The ruling of the 3 judge panel is good for Democrats. It has to be. Cottonmouth said so. See for yourself at:

    Tommy Reynolds must be engaging in a diversionary tactic. Yep. That’s what it is. He must be. I think so. This is all very unsettling. What’s going on here?

  2. FWIW permalink
    May 20, 2011 11:30 am

    Wonderful posting.

    Have I missed something or is Tommy Reynolds’ letter the first and only public comment from a Democrat official in response to this momentous court ruling? Why the DEAFENING silence from Dems if this decision was so great for their side ? And now this gratuitous move by Rep. Reynolds to play to the Dem grandstand of the the Clarion-Ledger editorial board (any serious effort on his part would involve negotiating with the GOP not continuing the PR front pretending that Dems want to get a legitimate plan passed).

    Running under the 2002 map doesn’t undo the horrendous liberal Dem House gerrymander of a decade ago but it prevents a newly-minted liberal Dem House gerrymander that focuses like a laserbeam on protecting their remaining holding-on-by-the-thinnest-of-thin-reed incumbents and would have kept outstanding GOP House candidates from contesting petrified Dem House members. How great has this all played out for Harvey Moss? Bennett Malone??? Guess Rep. Malone isn’t getting to save that $50K afterall.

    Brett, you are spot on that the GOP legislators held together and are owed an eternal debt of gratitude by every Conservative in Mississippi and throughout the country who cares about fair elections and the best efforts to promote good government. If they hadn’t hung together, surely Conservative public policies efforts would have hung individually in a liberal Dem House chamber under the likes of a McCoy 3.o or Moak speakership.

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