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Campbell Begins Campaign For SD31

May 24, 2011

Rep. Tad Campbell (R-Meridian) was on the Gallo show this morning as he announced his candidacy for the SD 31 seat currently held by Sen. Terry Burton (R-Newton). We mentioned some of the qualms conservatives have with Burton yesterday, but without naming any names Campbell said he wasn’t in this race to criticize anyone. He said that wasn’t the reason he decided to run.

He said fundamental differences have brought him into the race, highlighted his conservative credentials- and he certainly was one of the most conservative members of the House, and called out Republicans on issues related to spending and debt. Campbell also made a point of saying it is important to get redistricting right; as opposed to getting it done right now for the sake of getting it done.

Our post yesterday had Newton and Lauderdale GOP primary numbers from four years ago. I certainly haven’t heard anything, but wouldn’t be shocked to see Burton make the decision that he doesn’t want a difficult campaign and election, and decide against seeking another term. As of right now, Burton has qualified, as has Democrat Melvin Hendricks of Meridian.

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