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Former Rebel Todd Wade Qualifies For SD9

May 24, 2011
tags: 2011 State Senate, Gray Tollison, SD 9, Todd Wade
by Brett

Last week we had a note that former Ole Miss offensive tackle Todd Wade, who played nine years in the NFL, had entered the Senate District 9 seat, and today the Mississippi GOP sent out a press release announcing that he has formally qualified. Wade, a Republican, will be matched up against incumbent Gray Tollison. Tollison, a Democrat, is seeking his fifth term in the Senate.

In the announcement, Wade said this: “Governor Barbour has done an excellent job of making Mississippi an attractive place for new industry, and we as Mississippians should expect that this growth will continue. I will work at the State level to ensure that Mississippians are afforded every opportunity possible to work and to succeed. Mississippi needs leaders who will govern by principle and not by applying short-term fixes that lead to unintended consequences, and we need leaders who do not simply vote to maintain the status quo. Along those lines, it will be my job to harness some of the money that is leaving the Ninth District to Jackson and make sure it is being spent wisely and not wasted. Local sovereignty will be one of my main focuses along with education, private sector job growth and how the national economy will affect Mississippi in the long run.”

Notes: ** Tollison ran unopposed in 2007. *** The BVAP of SD 9 is right around 30 percent with little change from when the districts were drawn a decade ago. **** The district has grown substantially over the past 10 years adding more than 8,000 residents as the Oxford area has grown. ***** Wade was born in Greenwood and played high school football at Jackson Prep. ****** At 6’8”, I feel confident in stating that Wade would be the tallest member of the legislature should he win this fall.

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  1. Hewitt Clarke permalink
    May 25, 2011 8:38 am

    Looks like Todd Wade might be a good one to help with a state wide referendum they are talking about to bring back Col Reb. A Houston sports writer recently commented that getting rid of Colonel Rebel was carrying political correctness much too far. After all, he IS the husband of Ole Miss.

    Hewitt Clarke
    Houston, Texas

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