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Friday Ramblings with Robert

May 27, 2011
tags: 2011 Elections, Billy McCoy, Memorial Day, Speaker of the House
by Robert

Goodbye Billy. Hello ________

Billy McCoy has decided to hang it up and head home.  Even though you may not agree with his politics it is only appropriate to thank the man for his service to the state and his constituents over his time in the state legislature.  This obviously is big news politically in Mississippi since the next time the legislature goes in to session there will be a new Speaker of the House to lead the House of Representatives.  The big question is will this be the monumental change that leads to a GOP speaker, or maybe an Independent, or are we back to the status quo with another Democrat.  I believe that the most watched elections in November will be the ones for House seats.  Most of the statewide races will be decided in August, be honest with yourself here, so we turn our attention to who the next Speaker of the House will be.  That will be decided by who wins the House races in November and how the numbers will shape up when it is time to choose the new speaker.

Memorial Day

This coming Monday our nation will observe Memorial Day, a day set aside to honor those who have died serving this country as a member of the military.  Yesterday, Staff Sergeant David Self of Pearl was honored after paying the ultimate sacrifice serving our country.  He was killed last week while serving in Afghanistan, just days before his unit was to be sent home.  People lined Highway 80 to show their respects and to honor the fallen soldier.  It is an image that needs no words.

It is because of soldiers like Staff Sgt. David Self and many others like him that this country is where it is today and that is why we celebrate their service and sacrifice on Memorial Day.

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