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Docs Being Circulated By Henry Ross

July 6, 2011
tags: 2012 House, Alan Nunnelee, Henry Ross, MS-01
by Brett

Last night we mentioned that former Congressional candidate Henry Ross was at Jacinto hinting at a primary challenge to Rep. Alan Nunnelee next year and criticizing the Congressman’s voting record. Ross was also distributing documents (like the one below) questioning Nunnelee’s voting record.

Note: the information was sent to me as four separate JPEGs so it may not be pretty, but should be readable.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    July 6, 2011 10:15 pm

    my my my,black and white proof one term patrick is not voting to cut big govt spending and HAS voted with pelosi

  2. catty14 permalink
    July 7, 2011 10:27 am

    There could not be a more clear, precise difference between those trying to get the votes of people who are not productive, do not want to work to achieve personal success and beleive they should be provided for from the cradle to grave by other people’s money and those of us who work, pay taxes and oppose slavery! It is a slave mentality…..sure as anything Bennie Thompson, Henry Ross, et. al. are trying to develop slavery to ensure they stay in power so that they become wealthy(and powerful) on the backs of their slaves. This is wrong on every level. And they know it.
    God Bless Herman Cain.

    • Grizz permalink
      July 7, 2011 1:04 pm

      hahahahaha–Henry Ross isn’t even IN a position of power–slavery–what a joke–

  3. catty14 permalink
    July 7, 2011 7:05 pm

    Grizz…..Ross is seeking power to continue to be part of the Left who are gifted at giving out other people’s money. Have you ever stopped to think what WILL happen once we are broke and more people are slaves to hand outs than those who productive workers? It takes a bit of intelligence along with a willingness to look behind the veil of deception to understand…..more goverment spending, more taxes on those producing taxes will eventually lead to bankruptcy. But if you are the one on the goverment teat I guess you will never see the reality of this. And by the way: Conservatives contribute more to charity by far than Liberals…..a proven and published fact.

    • Grizz permalink
      July 7, 2011 9:47 pm

      Catty,with all due respect,go up ur meds dosage. Like him or not,Henry Ross,who was hired by G.W.Bush is as Conservative as they come.And where in this post does donating to charity come into play?If he was part of the left,he certainly wouldn’t have run as an R against Travis(ty) Childers. As for more Govt. spending,it is RINO Congressman patrick “one term” nunnelee who has voted to continue spending,right along with his new friend Ms Pelosi.If you are so concerned about MONEY Issues,why not ask mr patrick about his friend Grover Norquist,and his groups Laundering of Indian Casino Money–

  4. Ford Bill permalink
    July 8, 2011 9:08 am

    Thanks Grizz
    Let the voting record speak for itself… How many times did Nunnelee vote to spend? Let me count the ways..

  5. BP84 permalink
    July 8, 2011 9:44 am

    Congressman Alan Nunnelee isn’t a conservative but a moderate and his voting record in Congress has proven that fact. North Mississippi doesn’t need politics as usual. We don’t need a Congressman like Nunnelee that will play nice and vote along the line…even when it’s in line with Obama’s big government spending programs. North Mississippi needs a conservative leader in Congress that will vote to cut spending, government waste, balance the budget, and not just talk about. Henry Ross is on the right wing.

  6. TupeloTony permalink
    July 8, 2011 9:01 pm

    I am having deja vu all over again. It seems I heard all this 2 years ago. I remember all these same tired, misrepresenting arguments in 2010. The majortiy of conservatives in North Mississippi know Alan is conservative and they will re-elect him overwhelmingly in the GOP primary. Anyone who cares to wager differently I am ready to accept. A few commenters on this blog do not make a movement, just a few opinions. And they are in the minority.

    • Grizz permalink
      July 9, 2011 9:19 am

      its all in the name–tupelo–figures,one term patricks home town. one person with a town in their name does not make a movement,just one opinion.and he is in the minority.(plagerized)

      • TupeloTony permalink
        July 9, 2011 6:01 pm

        I did not say I was a movement, but you will see I am in the majority come November 2012. How about we wager whoever loses stays off this board permanently the day after the election. It would be no big loss for the universe of political thought whichever one of us left I am sure. Again, the majority of conservative voters, hardly any of who read politcal blog comment posts, know the good job Alan is doing and will return him to office in 2012.

  7. Seriousvoter permalink
    July 9, 2011 9:35 am

    I checked the voting on all the bills on the documents being circulated by Henry Ross, and they are absolutely true. How anyone can look at this voting record and say that Alan Nunnelee has good job for the people of his District is beyond me. These are not tired old arguments these are how Alan Nunnelee does his job. Last year we did not have a voting record to look at when we selected our candidate. This year we do. Wake up people. Your future is in serious jeopardy.

    • Grizz permalink
      July 9, 2011 8:25 pm

      @ Serious; I agree with you,the voting record speaks for itself.No amout of partisanship rhetoric from one term Patricks employees and family can change it.He lied to Ms. voters.He HAS voted WITH pelosi and the dems.period.To chide and attack Mr.Ross for bringing a legislators voting record into the daylight for all to see is disengenous at best,
      As for Tony wanting to keep me off the boards,that is too funny,and only goes to show this person wants the truth silenced.A liberal tactic.

      • TupeloTony permalink
        July 10, 2011 6:58 am

        I have not said anything negative about Henry Ross, nor would I. He is a good man. As for me “trying to keep you off the board”, you have a way inflated opinion of yourself. Again, in November of 2012 we will see who is right and who is wrong. I will let the voting record of the conservative voters of north Mississippi be my response.

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