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Bryant Picks Up A Barbour Endorsement

July 8, 2011

If trends hold, Haley Barbour will likely be the only Republican in Mississippi who doesn’t make any public endorsements before the primary but we will always speculate on who he wants to see replace him in the governor’s mansion. With that, you will usually hear talks on how Barbour and Phil Bryant don’t exactly always see eye-to-eye, and that Barbour doesn’t Bryant to win.

Well yesterday, Bryant picked up an endorsement from a man as close to Barbour as any, Henry Barbour. The governor’s nephew and one of his top political allies penned an email where he said that Bryant “can best help our beloved Mississippi continue to move forward with economic growth and job creation”. I would say this is as close to any Haley Barbour endorsement that we will see.

Read the entire letter here.

And while the younger Barbour doesn’t necessarily speak for his uncle, we have seen similar situations play out not too long ago. Earlier this year, Henry Barbour was a leading proponent of removing Michael Steele from the RNC and replacing him with Reince Priebus of Wisconsin. (Priebus would go on to win the top job). For Haley’s part, he said he remained neutral in that contest but their was always heavy speculation that he was supporting Priebus too.

But not all Barbour’s are supporting the same guy. Jeppie Barbour, Haley’s brother, is working for the Dave Dennis campaign and has made a number of campaign appearances with Dennis going back several months now.

Jeppie Barbour said this on why he is supporting Dennis: “He’s the guy who has the experience, and the intelligence to go in there and handle state government the way it should be handled. He is not a career politician , he is a business man who knows what he is doing.”

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  1. Bill Billingsley permalink
    July 8, 2011 10:12 am

    The Barbour men are often supportive of different candidates, and Henry’s support of Phil being against his big brother Jeppie’s support of Dave is not unusual. The problem comes when bloggers and political junkies start to speculate that Haley is somehow signaling his support through his nephews or someone else close to him. Haley doesn’t need to signal his support for anyone. He’s properly staying out of Republican primaries and will doubtless throw his considerable support behind the nominees, which is what all prominent Republicans should do.

  2. Saltwaterangler permalink
    July 8, 2011 11:50 am

    Well said Bill.

  3. OUTOFSTATEoutofmind permalink
    July 8, 2011 12:30 pm

    Great point Bill.

    I also wonder why this is relevant at all. And wonder at times what qualifies and quantifies someones support for a particular canidate. I wonder how much time the Nephew has spent studying the other Canidates platforms and qualifications to be Governor. Perhaps alot but not sure I believe that…

    If we could ever get away from these Fat Cat politics games and voters made intelligent choices based on platforms and history vs. endorsements our country and Mississippi would be a better place.

    Just my $0.02

    • Ivehadbetter permalink
      July 8, 2011 1:05 pm

      In response to:

      ” voters made intelligent choices based on platforms and history vs. endorsements our country and Mississippi would be a better place.”

      I am of the opinion that voters don’t care enough to do proper research on candidates. Voters don’t understand most policy issues and the impact thereof. They don’t know candidates, qualifications, etc.

      With the available resources, an hour or so could give the average voter a good idea of who he/she should support. Yet very few put in the time… and it shows.

      While I don’t think endorsements carry much weight, you won’t see voters make choices based on platforms until the voters take the initiative to learn the platforms.

      I realize I’m posting this on a political blog and most who read it are the exception to the rule, but I challenge you to walk your street and ask your neighbors who represents them from Congressman on down to the county level.

      Until the voters arm themselves with knowledge, money, not endorsements, will reign supreme.

  4. Charlie Stogner permalink
    July 8, 2011 1:17 pm

    Henry taking one GOP club (establishment) candidate while his father Jeppie takes yet another ‘club approved’ candidate is not surprising. It’s the family hedging their bets.

    I’m impressed Phil showed up with work gloves to help clear up at a Barbour house. This was very different at Philadelphia where Phil and Greg Harper showed up while a TV station crew was on hand to ‘observe’ the damage at the same time Gen. Hudson Holliday and his two sons with their own chainsaws were clearing trees in the same community.

    It’s amazing few people see the same old crowd (plus or minus a few GOP elite) that made up the Capital Street Gang Waller defeated nearly 40 years ago are today gathering under at the Republican Club inner sanctum.

    Haley once dropped out of school to campaign for his older brother, Jeppie. Since then Jeppie and his sons, Henry and Austin have been amply rewarded with incomes derived from their relationship to uncle Haley.

    This split in the family over two ‘approved’ candidates is their way of retaining their foothold in government related income.

    • C Jones permalink
      July 8, 2011 3:46 pm

      and everybody is getting paid

  5. OUTOFSTATEoutofmind permalink
    July 8, 2011 1:49 pm

    Had Better – I agree with you – guess that is what I am saying. It really is a shame!

    Charlie – you are right on. And the fact that we are reading an article on this site about it just perpetuates it in my opinion.

    I have a canidate I like in this race – and although i am in New York – and will not be voting in MIssissippi as I no longer live there, it would be great to have articles on this and other news forums that actually laid each canidates platforms out instead of “perpetuating politics as usual” I am sure it would help the process in making the general public an informed voting base.

    I am not suggesting that it would solve the problem by any stretch – but, I do think the public in general is tired of politics as usual and has “tuned it out” for the most part. It is the same ole same ole most of the time.

    While it is a tragedy – I do have simpathy for the general population as they struggle with a miriad of issues and when you ask them to add yet another thing on top of it – especially with all the mombo jumbo that comes with politics these days it is hard to waid through it.

    I am a recovering “i just dont give a damn about politics” kind of guy. And I realize that it is terrible to say, however I do understand how people get that way or stay that way.

    It is just a symptom of a much larger problem – in my opinion it starts to get fixed when the few who care refuse to allow it to go on by electing a new batch of People to office whose primary concern is to do the best job that they can for the people who they represent instead of trying to stay connected to the power and meal tickets.

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