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Luckett Removes Dupree Facebook Post

July 15, 2011

As we mentioned yesterday, Bill Luckett received an endorsement from Mississippi high school football legend Marcus Dupree. As the Luckett campaign was touting the endorsement, the emphasis was much heavier on the Dupree, the same last name as Luckett’s primary opponent, than the Marcus. I’ll let you decide if you think that was purely coincidental.

In fact, here is what Luckett had on Facebook for several hours yesterday before deleting it (major hattip to RIGHTAway who got the screenshot):

The post is a three sentence endorsement of Luckett followed by the headline “Dupree Endorses Luckett for Governor;” not a single mention of exactly which Dupree that is unless you bother to click on the link. The responses were a mixture of confusion and dislike for Luckett’s tactic, and it has been replaced with a new post actually including Dupree’s first name:

And Luckett has apparently learned the lesson of using last names only. Not too long ago, they sent out a release headlined: “Constable Bennie C. Buckner Endorses Bill Luckett for Governor.” Using the last name only seems like a one-time deal, purely coincidental that the name was Dupree…

No mistaking Bennie Buckner for any other Buckner.

Update: Similar postings remarking on the Dupree endorsement have not been zapped from other Facebook pages. In a posting on the Mississippi Democratic Club fan page the ad is still alive and well. Here is a direct link and a screenshot:

Update Two: And in an email update that was sent out tonight, Luckett continues with the “Dupree Endorses Luckett” headline. See the screenshot:

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  1. mississippicoal permalink
    July 17, 2011 12:41 am

    Palazzo did the same thing. It’s just politics as usual. Deceive the public with an announcement of an endorsement from someone with the same name sings “desperate” but must be partially affective.


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