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Who Has Momentum In Lt. Gov. Race?

August 2, 2011

A lot of the recent talk, really over the past couple weeks, has been that Billy Hewes has gained on Tate Reeves in the lieutenant governor’s race and has the momentum as voters head to the polls today. We will find out tonight just how much that momentum has carried Hewes. The Reeves carried released polling not too long ago showing the state treasurer up 40. I don’t have any insight on recent polling, but the race certainly doesn’t seem that wide. That said, Reeves still has to be considered the favorite.

In one of his most recent campaign emails, Hewes touched on the race saying, “Many of the pundits and insiders are amazed at the fact that we are very seriously in this race. I’m not, because I know our staff and volunteers are second to none. We are now in the home stretch, with exactly two days to go, and our numbers have improved to the point that we are within reach to claim victory on August 2nd. Campaigns are a constant battle. They require the sort of 24 -7 dedication that people can only give when they truly believe in something.”

The Reeves campaign, though, likes the position they are in. In a recent email, campaign manager Justin Brasell said, “Our campaign is drawing huge crowds in all corners of the state and continues to break fundraising records. These type of results do not happen by chance it’s through the hard work of our staff but most importantly the hard work of Tate Reeves that we have the momentum going into the August 2nd primary.”

The campaign pointed out that Reeves has raised more than $94,000 from 40 contributors in the latest 48 hour report. They also noted recent events in Lowndes, Tippah, Simpson, Lauderdale, Lee, DeSoto, and Pearl River counties, along with a 20 city bus tour between Wednesday and Saturday.

Reeves also said this: “We’re thrilled with the crowds we’ve drawn at these events and the organizational tool they’ve become. There’s no better way to sign up scores of volunteers, distribute hundreds of yard signs and get our message out to voters”

Hewes’ camp said they will use every penny they have remaining, and believe issues and experience will carry the day. Hewes said: “We have talked about issues in this campaign. One thing I will always remain proud of is the fact that, even though the campaign was heated, our campaign has always remained focused on issues of record and performance. It is because of that record that I have been endorsed by most of the major newspapers across the state. The one similar theme that ran through each endorsement was a recognition that legislative experience is a must in the office of Lt. Governor.”

Hewes voted earlier this morning at the Harrison County Sand Beach Development Building in Gulfport. He will be in Madison, Sumrall, and Hattiesburg before returning to Gulfport for an election night party at the Great Southern Club in Gulfport.

Reeves will be voting at Liberty Baptist Church in Flowood at 9:30, and will then be campaigning in the metro the rest of the day. His election night party will be in Jackson at the King Edward Inn.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Brenda permalink
    August 2, 2011 10:02 am

    My belief is this state will suffer if Tate Reeves is elected LT. Gov. Something does not seem right about this man. And he sure doesn’t have the experience for this job.

  2. Kingfish permalink
    August 2, 2011 10:53 am

    King Edward. pay attention.

  3. Clayton permalink
    August 2, 2011 11:00 am

    Well sure it has tightened up. That’s because there isn’t an “undecided” category when you leave the voting booth (unless you count people who skip the race). But I think Jere Nash was right (I can’t believe I typed those words) yesterday on Marshall Ramsey that this momentum surge from the Billy Hewes campaign is a manufactured concept. But we’ll see tonight.

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