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Respectable Numbers For Obama Again

As we have tracked at least three other times, Gallup again shows state-by-state approvals of the president with Obama doing better than you’d expect in Mississippi. This time around they give Obama a 45/47 approval rating in the Magnolia State. The last polling we had seen on the president had him at 42/ 54; that was from Public Policy Polling, a Democratic firm.

At the end of 2009, Gallup gave Obama a 52 percent approval rating in Mississippi. A year ago he had a 47/42 approval rating, which is the same rating they gave him at the end of 2010.

Here’s the thing that gets me about Gallup: they are showing sharp declines in virtually every state, save for Mississippi, so it isn’t like they are friendly across the board. I would attribute most of Obama’s relatively friendly standing to the large black voter base in the state. Obama’s ratings in key battlegrounds have dipped because of the white vote. He never had the white vote to lose in Mississippi, and the black vote hasn’t gone down like the rest of the population. I believe Georgia is the only other state showing an increase for Obama from ’08.

Wondering what state Obama is also at 45 percent in? Ohio, the quintessential battleground. Mississippi is also ahead of these ’08 Obama states: Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and New Hampshire. But for the most part, the current Obama map is looking a lot like the 2004 map for John Kerry: strong on the West Coast, in the Northeast, along with the upper Midwest and weak everywhere else.

In neighboring states, Obama is at 38 percent in Alabama, 40 percent in Tennessee, 33 percent in Arkansas, and 42 percent in Louisiana.

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