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Running Against Obama In The PSC Race

September 20, 2011

We mentioned last week that the Kemper county coal plant is the issue in the Northern District Public Service Commissioner’s race, and that doesn’t look like its changing, but President Obama and his administration have certainly entered the race; more so than in any race I’ve seen in Mississippi this year.

Last week, Democrat Brandon Presley called out Republican Boyce Adams for “supporting Obama’s Department of Energy agenda,” while touting that “Brandon Presley stood up to the Obama Administration’s Dept. of Energy.” Obviously Presley wasn’t using Obama’s name in a positive light.

Adams has fired back saying this about Presley: “(He) is clearly concerned about people focusing on his lack of leadership and his Obama-style regulation policies. We all know that President Obama does not represent the interests of Mississippi, so for Brandon Presley to try to implement those type of policies in Mississippi is mind-boggling.”

As we have said if this race is about Kemper county than it will simply be about whose side do voters believe- those who say it’s the biggest rate hike ever or those who say it’s one of the biggest economic developments ever. As for Obama, I still believe that if his name is out there it’s automatically good for a Republican although I do find the irony in a Democrat attempting to use the president of his party against a Republican challenger.

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  1. Mississippi Coal permalink
    September 21, 2011 4:57 am

    Obama and Steven Chum his Energy Czar, is in favor of Kemper County Coal plant.
    I love coal plants with good modern scrubbers to pollutants and proven technology, they do a great job. Kemper County Coal plant is experimental and is the door into Cap and Trade in the USA. The false science behind man-made Global warming should cause us to question the validity of climate changes caused by Green House Gasses and how Carbon Dioxide should be treated. We have recently seen a list of respected independent scientists come forward and speak against man-made global warming and climate change.
    Does it matter what political party affiliation you have? If you are in favor of carbon dioxide containment, transporting and storage from coal plants, then you believe Al Gore’s theory that people control the climate, NOT THE SUN, through their pollutants. If you support the Kemper County Coal Plant to sell, trade, and pressurize CO2 at the HIGH HIGH expense on ratepayers then you agree with Ted Turner that there is to many people on this earth polluting it. Listen here to what he says He Says “we are to many people” Ted Turner is crazy! Yet our very own Southern Co, parent Co of MS Power, is fully cooperating with Ted Turner. See here for yourself.
    Why would Southern Co do that? Because there is billions to be made and they want in on it and by cooperating they have a hand in the authoring the regulations. Please notice that Texas is now closing 2-3 Lignite plants, why? Why have most CO2 capturing coal plants closed? Please ask the questions. Not because they are cost effective and efficient but for the opposite. Kemper will not close because the stockholders are not responsible for the losses, the rate payers are! We are a bottomless pocket.
    So what is this Kemper County CO2 capturing Lignite Coal plant really about? There is a seminar to teach you more of the perspective of the movement.
    Do you agree that nature and the environment should have a legal status? Does this blow your mind and make your eyes pop out? There is a religion behind this movement called GAIA and it worships the environment above people. But in Genesis (Bible) it says man will have dominion over the earth not the earth over the people. Gaia worships mother earth, environment, and nature.
    I am excited to see so many people waking up to this agenda to destroy America for perhaps we can stop it before it is to late.
    TO be 100% clear, even though I love the idea of Mississippi having a Coal plant I am against the ratepayers paying for risky experimental technology and I am against ratepayers paying for CO2 capturing because it is nothing more than a way to redistribute America’s wealth to other countries.
    CO2 is NOT a poisonous gas that needs to be contained or people will die because of global warming. CO2 helps plants grow, we breathe it. Remember 6th grade science and photosynthesis? Carbon Dioxide does not cause Global Warming! Any Doubts please read Cold Sun, by John Casey like many other Mississippians. Casey even has a letter that describes the criminality to trading in worthless stocks.
    If you are AGAINST Obama’s, Ted Turners, and the United Nation’s Cap and Trade agenda to bankrupt all coal plants, than I support you no matter the Party affiliation.

  2. Mississippi Coal permalink
    September 21, 2011 4:57 am

    Correction “Steven Chu”

  3. Bobby Jarrell permalink
    September 21, 2011 12:56 pm

    Of more concern to many voters should be the approximately $90,000.00 that Presley received from trial lawyers in the 2007 race with $45,000.00 + coming from those associated with the Balducci and Scruggs law firms. Both he and Jimmy (SUE) Hood just love to go after anyone that will get their names in the news. Then they follow up with how successful they have been representing the “little” man.

    • Dontreadonme permalink
      September 23, 2011 12:31 am

      Maybe Im more concerned with the money supporting Adams and his support of this rate hike during economic hard times for the citizens of Mississippi; Than contributions given to, the only candidate to stand up for the citizens, many years ago.

  4. Travis Rose permalink
    September 21, 2011 3:24 pm

    Only a true liberal would claim $2.88 billion for 200 odd jobs as being good for economic development.

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