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Adams Calls On Presley To Return Money

September 22, 2011

Republican Public Service Commissioner candidate Boyce Adams called on Brandon Presley today to return 2007 era campaign contributions from three men who are now convicted felons.

Adams said this: “Brandon Presley has more than $20,000 in campaign contributions from convicted felons and it is time he returned that money or donated it to a charitable cause. People need to know their elected officials are willing to do the right thing and not keep donations from convicted felons like Dickie Scruggs, Steve Patterson or Timothy Balducci, so now is Brandon Presley’s chance to prove it. I think all Mississippians would agree with me that it is time for Brandon Presley to do the right thing.”

Here is a listing of those contributions received by Presley:

Timothy Balducci

4/30/07 $2500
7/12/07 $2500

Dickie Scruggs

7/24/07 $5000

Steve Patterson

4/9/07 $5000
4/30/07 $2000
8/7/07 $2000
11/1/07 $2500

Presley also received about $18,000 from partners with the Patterson-Balducci law firm. We have mentioned this before, but one of the reasons that Presley has less money in the bank than Adams is very likely due to these dried-up funds.

A similar issue came up for Ronnie Musgrove in 2008. As far as I know, he, nor any other recipient (Jim Hood) of money from these individuals, have ever returned it.

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