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Another Twist In The Sen. Jackson Drama

September 22, 2011

We’ve been trying to keep up with the Sen. Robert Jackson saga concerning his arrest for allegedly pulling a gun on a supporter of his wife’s opponent in the Democratic primary, her challenge alleging that the race was stolen by whites, and everything that has occurred since then. Getting news out of Quitman county is not easy, but the very informative has some updates on where everything stands in today’s daily tidbit.


There have 11 separate charges filed in connection with the last election. Some of the charges that were filed were filed by Sen. Jackson’s wife against a man for alleged Facebook stalking.

And in an unexpected move, the Courthouse received a letter yesterday from both Justice Court Judges and another from the Prosecuting Attorney recusing themselves from hearing the case against Sen. Jackson. They are now awaiting a request that was sent to Chief Circuit Court Judge Albert Smith to appoint a special judge to hear all 11 cases.

About the contested Tax Assessor’s race, I am told that the executive committee has met (earlier this week), but they did not reach a decision for now.

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