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PSC To Sue EPA Over “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule”

September 23, 2011

Last week, the Public Service Commission unanimously agreed to file suit against the Environmental Protection Agency over their cross-state air pollution rule.

Here is a description of the rule: “(It) will require Mississippi utility companies to limit their nitric oxide emissions even further and even sooner, or face possible criminal penalties if the companies violate the rule knowingly or willingly. Under the new rule, Mississippi utility companies must now reduce their emission by May 2012, moved up from 2014…Options for the utility companies include reducing emissions by upgrading equipment, purchasing credits or shutting down electric generating plants completely.”

As I said, the decision by the three-member PSC was unanimous. The motion was filed by Southern District Commissioner Leonard Bentz and seconded by Northern District Commissioner Brandon Presley, whose race we have talked about a good bit. Presley, a Democrat, sent out a press release announcing this decision to challenge the EPA yesterday.

Few agencies in Washington are as beloved by liberals as the EPA. They take any challenge to the agency personally and will fight tooth and nail to defend it, and will then go off on how any opponents of the agency don’t want clean drinking water, love polluters, etc. Again, Presley knows which side he needs to be on.

As for the races in the Southern and Central districts, we haven’t spent much time on them. Bentz, who fended off a primary challenge from Travis Rose, faces a general election rematch from 2007 with Democrat Mike Collier. Bentz won that contest 56-44 four years ago. Running as a Republican for the first time, Central District Commissioner Lynn Posey faces Addie Green, who defeated Bruce Burton in the Democratic primary. Both Republicans should be good in November.

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  1. Mississippi Coal permalink
    September 23, 2011 12:51 pm

    The EPA is following the Kyoto Protocols for the United Nations. We should resist the agenda involving this foreign allegiance for they have not America’s best interest in mind. Southern Company stated that green house gasses are causing man-made global warming related premature deaths. They are following and supporting the United Nations with their actions. (Please read their annual reports.)

    Mississippi Power under Southern Company are taking the lead to build an experimental Carbon Dioxide capturing plant in Kemper County out of the pockets of Mississippians. Southern Company will lead America into cap and trade to redistribute the wealth in accordance with the Kyoto Protocols. Southern Company with Mississippi Power will lead Mississippi into bankruptcy through this money scam. I challenge you to prove this to be untrue.

  2. Travis Rose permalink
    September 23, 2011 3:42 pm

    I’m glad to see something finally getting done on this issue. Conservative values mean nothing if you don’t have the spine to stand behind your beliefs. This was part of my campaign platform. I spoke specifically about this on July 12th at a SuperTalkMS forum in Jones Co. Thanks to Super Talk for airing the forum live.

  3. Ron Williams permalink
    September 25, 2011 1:56 pm

    I see where Steve Simpson is accepting the support of Haley and Phil. That’s interesting. A candidate for the office is that is supposed to protect us from corruption is accepting the support of two of the most corrupt administrations our State has ever seen. ( If he hasn’t already, I bet he gets a big Trent Lott endorsement too.). Go Jim Hood.

    Coast Rat I need your help. You were very dilligent in confirming my accusations against the DEQ and no bid contracts. I need you to find out why the lowest bidder ( W.C. Fore ) was rejected for the Port project dirt and hauling. Mr. Fore has been in business for years and has a reputation of doing good work. He is not however a big contributor to Haley or Phil. I was told the excuse for his rejection was the age of his equipment. That is just a Red Herring to hide corruption. Can you also confirm if Phil and Haley have any interests in the dirt pits that were selected to provide dirt for the project. I believe you will find that taxpayers are paying 30 to 40 % percent more for the project than we should be, thanks to Haley and Phil. ( But we’re saving our Flag)

    I was at the State/LSU game the other night and one of Phil’s supporters tried to put a Sticker on me. He didn’t understand why I just didn’t jump on the Phil band wagon.

    I spent close to a million dollars trying to protect our State from further corruption and related costs. If there had ever been any way for me, in good concience, to vote for Phil Bryant, I would have never run for Governor. The guy is a crook. ( I was hoping to get Dave in a runoff with him. )

    I want you guys to take off your party hats for a minute and think. I have shown two documented examples where Phil has allowed taxpayers to pay more for services than we should, just to help his contributors. There is nothing Reaganistic or Fiscally conservative or even Republican about that. It’s just fancy Stealing.

    If Phil is elected we will probably never Know how much has been stolen from us.

    I am asking all of you, to do as I am doing. I am going to Support, campaign and vote for Johnny Dupree. Do i agree with all his social platforms ? NO. But I can’t find any evidence that he has allowed any contributors to steal from us.

    Mississippi will never move forward as a whole, unless we get rid of the crooks.

    • adam permalink
      September 27, 2011 12:46 pm

      Mr. Fix-it the so-called conservative is backing liberal Johnny Dupree. I guess letting Ken Fairly run the state is more in your line of thinking. Dupree is in Fairly’s pocket and Fairly is the most crooked person in the state. But I know, you’re standing on you “values.” What a joke, Mr. Fix-it.

      Johnny is anti-bussiness. If you don’t believe that, then go to Hattiesburg ask any small business owner. But instead you’ll allow your bitterness to blind you. I have no respect for you now because you back the liberal in the race and it is just simply because you don’t like Phil.

      Look, we rejected you in the primary, we’ll reject it in the general as well. You go a vote for Johnny Dupree/Ken Fairly. Those of us that have lived in Hattiesburg know the truth about him and won’t ever vote for that clown.

      I’m so glad that you aren’t going to be around to fix anything since you’re so blinded by hate that you can’t see who Dupree truly is. Before I just had fun messing with you, know i know you’re just a bitter man who has his own agenda.

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