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Hood: Opposition To Obamacare Political

October 5, 2011

The multi-state lawsuit challenging implementation of the new healthcare legislation is nothing but politics according to Jim Hood. “We would not be spending money on private lawyers right now if Gov. Barbour had not wanted to make a political statement,” Hood was quoted as saying at Monday’s Capitol press corps luncheon in Jackson which will likely mark his only appearance together with challenger Steve Simpson this fall.

Hood, who occasionally has had to break with his party on issues like abortion, has supported Obamacare from day one when he told the governor that he would not join scores of AG’s across the country in challenging the legislation.

Simpson said this about the legislation in a press release sent out Monday: “Today, Jim Hood confirmed the fact that he believes President Obama’s healthcare plan is right for Mississippi. Obamacare will kill jobs, take billions from Medicare and turn healthcare decisions over to Washington, D.C. Bureaucrats. Jim Hood supports Obamacare and I oppose it – that’s the bottom line.”

As we mentioned, Hood has at times broken with what the traditional Democratic platform, but you can’t find much opposition to Obamacare from state Democrats. That was obviously a different story with the Congressional delegation who actually had to vote on the legislation, but lets look at prominent Democrats within the state.

Along with Hood, Johnny DuPree has expressed his support of the legislation. As has most of the House Democratic caucus. In 2010, House Republicans offered legislation that would amend the state Constitution to prohibit mandatory participation in any healthcare plan, obviously a direct counter to the healthcare requirements. By a 62-57 vote, the Democratic leadership was able to kill the bill.

Here were those 62 Democrats:

Arinder, Bailey, Banks, Bell, Blackmon, Broomfield, Brown, Buck, K, Buck, KC, Burnett, Calhoun, Clark, Clarke, Cockerham, Coleman,L, Coleman,M, Compretta, Dedeaux, Dickson, Eaton, Ellis, Evans, B, Evans, J, Flaggs, Frederricks, Gardner, Gibbs, Hines, Holland, Holloway, Huddleston, Johnson, R, Jones, W, Lane, Malone, Mayo, McBride, Middleton, Moak, Moss, Myers, Norquist, Parker, Patterson, Peraich, Perkins, Pukett, Reynolds, Robinson, Scott, Smith, F, Straughter, Stringer, Sullivan, Thomas, Walley, Ward, Warren, Watson, Whittington, Wooten, and Speaker McCoy.

We see a lot of retiring Democrats on there among the rural, white Democrats who opposed the legislation.

As for Hood, he has now had to take a stand on a few issues he would rather not. As we have covered, he will support the Personhood amendment despite opposition from a small but vocal group of liberals. But at the same time Hood has refused to speak out against Obamacare or for voter ID- two other tricky issues for Democrats. The main supporters of the healthcare legislation and opponents of voter identification in the state are African-Americans, if national polling translates in Mississippi which I believe it does in this case. Perhaps Hood felt he could go against the wishes of liberals, but simply couldn’t break with the black vote, of which he will receive 95 percent of the vote.

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  1. Craig Casey (@CraigJCasey) permalink
    October 5, 2011 4:40 pm

    You mention the legal fees fighting Obamacare, but have you thought about the cost to the government to insurance additional millions? Try 5 trillion over the next 10 years.

    • JW74 permalink
      November 19, 2011 1:11 pm

      The government isn’t going to “insurance additional millions”.

      The individual mandate require you to buy HC insurance, it’s not given to you.

  2. Henry Foreman permalink
    October 17, 2011 9:43 am

    We would not have to do so if you Hood would have done your job. How much money have you spend on letting your staff use Health Clubs you liberal jackass? Hood has to go.

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