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Taxpayer Cost A Smokescreen For Hood

October 6, 2011

Yesterday, I talked about a comment Jim Hood made about the state’s involvement in the healthcare lawsuit. After the attorney general refused to be a part of the suit, Haley Barbour brought in outside counsel to join in the multi-state challenge.

Hood, who has made a living out of being a populist Democrat, recently talked about how the state is spending money simply for a political exercise on the part of the governor. This essentially gave Hood the opportunity to switch from his position, which is certainly unpopular- supporting Obamacare- to one about how he opposes spending taxpayer money.

But Mike Wallace, who is outside counsel to the state, was brought in at no cost. Private lawyers are not getting paid I have told. And as of last year, the state’s share of paying the national lawyers was around $2,000.

Here is the original press release from the governor’s office on May 14, 2010 announcing the state’s involvement in challenging the law. A couple key lines: “Florida, the lead plaintiff in the case, has reached an agreement with its legal counsel to cap the costs of the litigation at $50,000. Joining in the lawsuit will cost Mississippi a fraction of that amount…Governor Barbour said Michael B. Wallace of Wise Carter, Child and Caraway, P.A., will guide Mississippi’s role in the lawsuit, and Mr. Wallace has agreed to provide his expertise at no cost to the state.”

And here is what I believe was the final letter from Barbour to Hood in their multiple exchanges before joining the suit.

The cost to taxpayers is simply a smokescreen from Hood, and anyone else who wants to dance around the issue.

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