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Few Surprises From Latest Finance Reports

October 11, 2011

Campaign finance reports for the October reporting period which ran from July 24 to September 30 were due yesterday and among statewide officeholders there were not a whole lot of surprises as the favorites really cemented their status as frontrunners.

** Phil Bryant has now raised more than $3 million this year and has $928,000 in cash for the last month with at least one major fundraiser still to come. At the same time, Johnny DuPree has around $235,000 in the bank as his campaign stresses individual contributions and volunteers.

** Tate Reeves has raised nearly $2 million this year and has $450,000 cash on hand in his virtually unopposed bid to be lieutenant governor.

** Jim Hood continues to be the main Democrat who can raise money these days. He has raised nearly $1 million this year and is sitting on about $850,000. This includes a $400,000 check from the Democratic Attorneys General Association on September 6. At the same time, Steve Simpson is reporting around $212,000 in the bank as the Republican campaign has raised a little over $400,000 this year. Tough to keep up with Hood, and Simpson hasn’t been able to.

** In the treasurer’s race, Connie Moran hasn’t been able to bring in the funds necessary to run a truly competitive campaign that some thought possible after entering the race. She has raised about $40,000 and has only about $2,300 in the bank. Compare that with Lynn Fitch who has now brought in nearly $625,000 and has a little over $150,000 cash on hand. Over the course of the year her father, William Fitch, has contributed $377,000 including $252,000 on August 5, three days after the primary.

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  1. Greg permalink
    October 12, 2011 1:13 pm

    check out all of Bryant’s and Dupree’s latest TV ads and see what they are saying at

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