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Simpson Releases First Campaign Spot

October 12, 2011

Republican A.G. candidate Steve Simpson released his first campaign ad this week, targeting Jim Hood on his refusal to challenge the new healthcare legislation:

In a press release, Simpson said this: “As I’ve traveled Mississippi during the past few months, one thing has been made perfectly clear – an overwhelming majority of Mississippians do not agree with Jim Hood’s unwavering support of Obamacare. This television advertisement will let the majority of folks in Mississippi know that I’ll stand with them in the fight against Obamacare unlike Jim Hood, who stood with President Obama.”

We know the situation Simpson is in. About 13 months ago, Steven Palazzo was in a similar spot running against a popular incumbent who he was able to tie with the national Democratic Party. That theme really took off with one ad in particular featuring a smiling Gene Taylor as he cast his vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Whether or not Simpson can replicate that success remains to be seen, but it is going to have to start with this ad.

Adams picks up endorsement from MMA. Yesterday, Boyce Adams received an endorsement from the Mississippi Manufacturers Association in his bid to unseat Brandon Presley in the Northern District PSC race.

In backing Adams, MMA president and CEO Jay Moon said this: “Manufacturing is one of largest consumers of electricity and natural gas in the nation and in the state of Mississippi. The Mississippi Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee endorses Boyce Adams for Public Service Commissioner because he supports a reliable, cost-effective supply of energy for our state’s business community. He is also an advocate for the utilization of Mississippi’s natural resources has in the creation of new energy sources to meet the growing demand in our state.”

Adams said this in receiving the group’s endorsement: “I am grateful for the support of the MMA and am looking forward to working with them to bring industry to Mississippi. This race is about bringing jobs to North Mississippi. To bring true economic development to the district, we must have cost-effective means of energy and tap Mississippi’s energy to power our future. Brandon Presley has proven that he does not have the knowledge or the leadership to bring jobs to Mississippi, and instead has a record of supporting a liberal regulatory environment. It’s time to bring common-sense back to the Public Service Commission.”

Bryant releases new campaign ad. The Phil Bryant campaign released their second general election of the cycle, this one staring his wife Deborah:

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  1. Coast Rat 4ever permalink
    October 13, 2011 8:36 am

    Relatively good commercial for Steve with a theme that def worked down our way for Palazzo. But it may prove much more difficult to tie a state-office election to national D leadership (Obama and Obamacare) than in a U. S. congressional race. And will Steve have the $$$ to get it out on TV statewide (or at least in key, strategic areas that he needs to win). And even if Steve is successful in connecting Hood to Obamacare he still has to get the message out and that will cost big bucks that it doesn’t look like he has. And the $400k Hood received from the Democratic Attny Gens Assn smells of plaintiffs attorneys funneling $$$ into Mississippi. I seem to recall, maybe incorrectly, that Hood won more votes than Haley 4 years ago. I do think Steve will win the coastal counties but I’m concerned that our voter turnout may be so low that it doesnt help him much. Steve def has a hard road, uphill battle ahead of him. But when Palazzo announced his run against Gene almost no one down here, including me, thought he stood a chance.

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