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MoveOn Circulates Petition For DuPree

October 20, 2011 members in Mississippi have created a petition calling on Johnny DuPree to oppose the Personhood amendment. Both he and Phil Bryant are supporting the initiative. Here is the email that has been sent out:

Full size image here.

Bryant: ‘You ought to be what you’re for:’ In an Associated Press article covering Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ trip to Mississippi to campaign for Johnny DuPree, Phil Bryant said this:

“I think you ought to be what you’re for. And if you are for the platform and ideas of the Democratic National Committee, you ought to stand up and say, ‘I am for my party’s platforms and ideas’…I stand very firmly with the platform of the national Republican Party and the Republican Governors Association.”

** As Wasserman Shultz visits Mississippi today, her counterpart at the RNC, Reince Priebus issued this statement:

“While DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in Mississippi today on behalf of the Mississippi Democratic Party, she’ll likely continue repeating her outlandish claims that the economy is improving, as she did with her recent statement that it’s on the ‘upswing.’ As Barack Obama’s unpopularity across the country soars, she’s been making astonishing excuses for him, all while proving just how frighteningly out-of-touch Democrats are.

Americans are suffering from an unemployment rate that has been stuck above eight percent for 32 months. Fourteen million people are out of work, and another 9.3 million cannot find the full-time jobs they need. Yet the Democrat Party is so desperate to score political points that their Chairwoman insists the economy is getting better.

In reality, their policies created an economic disaster for Mississippians and families all across the country. From unaccountable stimulus spending to job-killing regulations, the Democrats’ agenda is the single biggest roadblock to job creation. Debbie Wasserman Schultz may try to deny it, but Americans deserve better.”

** And the MSGOP has send out a release with three questions for the DNC chair:

Do you believe that Johnny DuPree will be elected Mississippi’s next Governor?

- If so, will the Democratic National Committee be putting any additional money into the Mississippi Governor’s race beyond the tens of thousands it has transferred or donated to the Mississippi Democratic Party for their day-to-day operations?

You recently were quoted saying “voters don’t elect leaders to create jobs.” Do you believe elected officials should have a role in job creation?

- If not, what is their role, especially with a country at 9.1 percent unemployment?

You were quoted saying that Republicans want to “literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally – and very transparently – block access to the polls to voters.” Do you believe that Mississippi’s voter ID initiative represents a return to “Jim Crow laws”?

- Why do you believe Mississippi conservatives want to see a photo ID requirement in order to vote in elections?

NFIB endorsements coming out. We have seen a numbers of endorsements from the National Federation of Independent Business over the past day or two. The group is the state’s leading small business association. We will do our best to compile those endorsements and publish them on the blog.

** One of their endorsements in Senate went to Buck Clarke, the incumbent in SD 22, who is in a very competitive re-election battle as we have talked about. Here is what the group said about the Republican:

“Sen. Clarke understands the challenges facing Mississippi’s small, family businesses in their fight to survive and grow, and is the clear choice in district 22 to sustain these job creators and community givers. We believe Sen. Clarke will continue to take a fiscally responsible approach to managing state government, oppose excessive mandates, taxes and spending, and support legislation that helps our small businesses grow and create jobs and put the state back on the pathway to success that benefits us all.”

Upcoming Lynn Fitch fundraisers. Republican candidate for treasurer Lynn Fitch, in a race we have talked very little about, has a couple fundraisers lined up over the next week.

Tonight in Laurel she will be joined by Stacey Pickering, Tate Reeves, and Delbert Hosemann. The invite is here. And on Monday she will have a reception in Hattiesburg, with Pickering and Hosemann again, but she will also be joined by Mike Chaney. Check out the invite here.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    October 20, 2011 9:05 am

    The Democrat party could do Mississippi A REAL Service by having move group just pick up fruitcake Debbie Wasserman Schultz and just well,———move on.

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