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Bennett Malone Using The Same Kids

November 2, 2011

Bennett Malone is locked in a tight re-election battle as he looks for a ninth term in the state House of Representatives for a district that covers Leake, Neshoba, Rankin, Scott but is based around Carthage. For the second election in a row, he faces Republican Jay Mathis in the general election and this is certainly one we are all paying attention to.

In the mailers war, we see Malone is featuring the same kids that we spotlighted in recent Dorsey Carson and Steven Kilgore ads. Wonder what the total number of Democrats who took these pictures at JPS was. Must have all been there at the same for the photo-op.

Here are the mailers from Malone:

Beyond using the same children, Malone argues that “special interests are attacking me” which is similar to what we noted David Baria likes to say about his contest and is general Democratic populist fare. But like Baria, Malone’s campaign is also bankrolled by “special interests.” In politics, a good definition of special interests is people who donate to your opponent’s campaign.

Here is his latest campaign finance report as he had a pretty good month of October. Try finding an individual that contributed to his campaign. Notice the amended addition of an $8,000 in-kind contribution from “JM PAC,” which happens to be the Justice for All Mississippians PAC run by the Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association that we mentioned yesterday. Combine that with the in-kind contribution from Bobby Moak’s Believe PAC, and you have two-thirds of all donations Malone reported last month.

More on his donations from the Jay Mathis campaign: “Despite the fact that 32 year incumbent Bennett Malone has not completely filled out any of the Campaign Finance Reports for 2011, a quick glance at some of what he revealed shows that the liberal left is squarely on his side. Many unions, various trial lawyers, and environmental extremists have all donated to his campaign’s $35,000 coffers. For someone who professes to be a man of small town values, some might be troubled by the donations by beer companies and casinos.”

Mathis’ donations generally come from the standard Republican avenues such as GOP leaders/ office holders and business groups. Here is what Mathis said: “Take a quick look at my campaign, and you will see that demanding that Mississippi continue to develop a business friendly environment is still my number one priority. After having been rated ‘Best for Job Creation’ by BIPEC and ‘Best for Small Business’ by the NFIB, the 22 business groups that have joined with me know that my opponent has proposed almost 200 tax increases since he came in office. I think we have to free the private sector to promote job growth.”

One other interesting item: Malone sent the mailer to Mathis. I’ve asked around about this and heard different stories with some campaigns saying they will remove their opponent from the mailing list, others, like Malone’s vendor, do not apparently.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    November 2, 2011 1:25 pm

    These kids really made the rounds that day–wonder if parents gave written permission to allow their kids images to be used in mass advertising–seems to me,they have a big payday coming–just sayin–

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