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Bryant GOTV Rallies Lined Up

November 3, 2011

Phil Bryant has get out the vote rallies lined up over the next three days in Pearl, Walls (Desoto county), and Gulfport. Today’s event is at Hinds Community College and Bryant will be joined by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Haley Barbour. Tomorrow’s event in Gulfport will feature Bryant with Barbour, and Mike Huckabee will join the gubernatorial candidate on Saturday night in Walls (with TVs available to watch the Alabama-LSU game).

We’ve talked about this race, and the consensus is it Bryant’s to lose as it has been for some time. However, there is always that concern about voter apathy especially when something is supposed to happen. I know Republicans have been trying to push back against that notion that they have this wrapped up.

In fact, the Mississippi GOP released an ad which has begun running in markets throughout the state that calls on voters to stop Obama right here, right now by voting Republican on Tuesday:

And while we have a pretty good feel on how the statewide races will go, the truth is the key legislative races could be decided on turnout, so the GOP certainly has good reason in getting their voters out. The three initiatives should help as well.

DuPree interviewed on CNN. Johnny DuPree was recently interviewed by Don Lemon with CNN. The interview aired three times yesterday and will also be replayed on Saturday at 3 p.m. If we get a link to it, we will post it here.

And DuPree can certainly use the free air time. At this point, DuPree has not run any ads on television for the general election, and that is something you just can’t do and compete.

But he did apparently pick up the endorsement of former Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Williams today. Williams, who you’ve probably heard from if you read this blog with any frequency, has been promoting DuPree and attacking Bryant for some time now.

** Based on the October campaign finance reports which were released earlier this week, even coming off his strongest month in terms of raising money, DuPree has still been outspent by an 7-1 margin. In other races: Jim Hood has outspent Steve Simpson 2-1, Lynn Fitch has outspent Connie Moran 8-1, and Cindy Hyde-Smith has outspent Joel Gill 7-1.

Who Is VPAC? In our story earlier today looking at a false attack ad that they ran against Russ Nowell, we mentioned that VPAC is the House Democrats political action committee- something the average voter does not know. If you want more information on them, here is their October 10 campaign finance report and here is the report from November 1.

Here is a small list of donors over just those last two periods:

Billy Broomfield, Billy McCoy, Linda Coleman, Credell Calhoun, Bob Evans, George Flaggs, Cecil Brown, Joe Warren, Johnny Stringer, Percy Watson, Sara Thomas, Willie Bailey, Steve Holland, Rufus Straughter, Greg Holloway, Tyrone Ellis, John Mayo, Angela Cockerham, and Tommy Reynolds. Along with a helping of trial lawyers, unions and $57,000 from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee.

Simpson releases latest ad. Here is what may be the last campaign spot from Steve Simpson:

If Simpson does lose, expect to hear stories from various folks in the media proclaiming that Obamacare is not a relevant issue or that votes really support it despite every single poll on the issue.

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  1. kippost1306 permalink
    November 3, 2011 5:01 pm

    The truly sad thing about that ad from the republican party, the latest ad from Phil Bryant and the ad from the Simpson guy (i’m sure there are more) is that they continually reference President Obama (who is not on the ballot Nov 8) and sow seeds of fear to the truly ignorant (sorry, but that’s the truth) and low information voter. The Mississippi republican party nor these candidates in particular actually care about the ‘state’ of Mississippi. I learned a long time ago that ‘to whom much is given, much is required’. For an individual (candidate in this case) to sit in a position of authority and influence and know the truth but resolve to instead misinform and blatantly lie in order to advance themselves politically is a travesty. The Mississippi republican party, Phil Bryant nor the Simpson guy can truthfully show where policies of the current Presidential administration have been the Major reasons for the state of Mississippi’s economy. Run on your record and your proposed policies. If you don’t have either of those, go home.

    Further, if indeed Phil Bryant wins, he will struggle significantly because his election won’t be based on his record or the strength of his policies but instead it will be based on his lack of integrity, his lack of character and his untruthful seeds sown of baseless fear.

    Perhaps the intent is to advance one’s self. If so, job well done!

    • ron williams permalink
      November 3, 2011 8:48 pm

      Hey Bill, you might want to pass this one up. I’m “soap boxin”

      According to fox news, 40 Republicans have told the Supercommittee to consider tax hikes. There you have it, not even our party, the GOP, is willing to tell campaign contributors, that the pork is gone. That shoud really help us in NOv. 2012.

      As a true Reagan Republican, conservative, I am so diappointed at our lack of leadership. Can’t we stand for something?

      I saw Haley on TV a couple of times this week, he went negatve on prop 26 and iminent domain. Remember he’s our party leader in MS. I hope our Pres. Candidate does not align himself too close to Haley.

      I was also baffled to hear members from both sides of the Aisles complain about the Freddie-fannie bonuses, as if nothing could be done.

      Congress can stop the bonuses, but they won’t. The’ll just feign empathy with John Q. Public who is just battered by our Horrible Govt.

      I have a couple of friends who are on unemployment. They have no desire to find a job, and I don’t blame em. They like so many others are tired of busting their A***** only to be overtaxed to pay for this crap that passes for Govt. in our country.

      As a person who has never been very political, other than to contrbute to those I thought were honest candidates, ( except for the campaign ), I can tell you that this whole period has been an eye opener for me.

      It will soon be over and to all the winners ( even Phil, ) I wish good blessings and success.

      • Bill Billingsley permalink
        November 4, 2011 10:00 am

        That’s okay, Ron. I’ll always try to read your posts. You and I agree on lots of things – we’re just not supporting the same candidate for governor.

  2. Sid permalink
    November 3, 2011 5:44 pm

    The latest VPAC disclosure shows the Cecil Brown campaign — even though Brown is completely unopposed this cycle — kicking in $3,000 on October 3rd. But what the VPAC report doesn’t show is that Brown has deposited a total $46,000 from his campaign fund into VPAC in 2011. Cecil Brown’s money transfers alone represent 12.5% of the total 2011 cash haul by VPAC.

    Take a look at the latest from Tyronne Ellis. He doesn’t provide any detail for the $6000 in October disbursements he made from his campaign fund but we know from the VPAC report that he kicked in half of his total, $3000, on October 24th.

    Then you have Percy Watson who arrogantly doesn’t believe he has to provide any transparency but by cross-referencing you see that 55% of his October disbursements ($2000 of $3640) went into the VPAC fund.

    To get the full picture regarding the web of Democratic PACs and the factions behind them all of the various campaign finance reports need to be reviewed and triangulated. Cecil Brown and his LBC backers have no intention of allowing Bobby Moak to waltz into the Speaker’s seat.

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