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False KIDS PAC Mailers Appearing In HD1

November 3, 2011

In early October a new Democratic PAC sprung up with the name “Mississippi KIDS PAC.” Its director is Johnny Stringer, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and the wife of Cecil Brown, two Billy McCoy loyalists. Brown is also a Democratic candidate for Speaker of the House.

Its first hit piece we noticed involved Becky Currie in HD 91. It made up a story alleging that she did not support the Mississippi School for the Arts which is located in her Brookhaven district. This was rebutted by the chairman of the MSA foundation.

But this PAC, which has yet to release a campaign finance report detailing their donors because they were formed so recently, certainly has not stopped with Currie and obviously has money. We have also seen fliers from the HD 1 race featuring incumbent Republican Bubba Carpenter and Democrat Thomas McCarley.

We posted a recent flier from Carpenter where he said this: “In my bid for re-election, I have tried to run a positive campaign. As a Christian man, I feel it is the honorable and right thing to do. However, some political groups who support another candidate have chosen to use scare tactics and negative, untrue information in an attempt to gain votes.”

At least one of those groups? KIDS PAC. Here is the mailer:

View this document on Scribd

According to Stringer and Brown, Carpenter voted “for easier pardons for criminals” and “to allow easier access to meth ingredients.” The second line, besides being false, is so outlandish I don’t many people who would read that and say really? There’s a line between hard-hitting and just stupid.

The two pieces of legislation are SB 2683 (from 2009) and HB 512 (from 2010). SB 2683 passed 116-4 and you can see the roll call here with Carpenter joining most of the House in supporting the bill, but it would die in conference. (Interesting side note on that conference. As you’d expect, Billy McCoy appointed three supporters: Tracy Arinder, Bennett Malone, and Sara Thomas. Phil Bryant, however, appointed two Democrats- Willie Simmons and Alice Harden- along with Lydia Chassaniol). HD 512, although controversial, also easily passed- view the roll call here. Carpenter supported it, but here is the funny part: Johnny Stringer voted against it. So his PAC is sending out a mailer hitting Republicans for (falsely) opposing legislation that Stringer himself opposed.

Note: If you are reading via RSS feed or email, you will need to click through to see the document.

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  1. Grizz permalink
    November 3, 2011 6:09 pm

    Knowing Bubba Carpenter personally,and as my Rep-I can say without hesitation he is so conservative he makes Sean Hannity look like a looney liberal. Dems are desperate,this is only the beginning–we have a full year to go of their lies and dirty tactics.

  2. Bill Billingsley permalink
    November 3, 2011 8:24 pm

    This is desperation at its finest, and Brett and the rest of the MIM staff deserve a medal for keeping us up on all the stupidity that is coming from the Democrats. False mailers, copycat photographs, identical hit pieces going out in different districts…all signs of two things. One, there are a few people – maybe only one or two – who have taken over the Democrats’ strategy and there is a serious intellectual deficit at work. Two, the Democrats see the House as their last chance to remain remotely relevant, and they’re pulling out all the stops to try and get this sinking ship back to the surface. I predict these idiots have already sealed their own doom with this crap, and we’ll finally get them out of the way so the state can move forward.

  3. lgcvano permalink
    November 4, 2011 2:23 pm

    So glad you are posting the scare tactics of the Democrat Party putting out on their last minute mailers. Got one to day from D. Democrat Carson today with his flip/flop, reach-across-the-aisle spew he is trying to sell in NE Jackson/Reservoir areas. He stands with W. Winter, T Cochran, R Wicker, D.Rumsfeld, and Navy Sec Ray “Save-Us-from”Mabus. Having contributed $1600 to Barack Obama in 2008 and several hundred Dollars to Travis Childers. He puts his money where his real heart lies, right in the middle of the Socialist/Marxist/Democrat Party. But I have seen RINO John MCCain tell you about his reach across the aisle politics, but I don’t remember any reach across the aisle behavior by Carson’s idols in Washington when they wrote the Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank debacle bills. Do you think they know how to do that? When Billy McCoy never allowed participation in the House by Republicans nor would he allow ANY Chairman positions to be given to the Republicans in the House? When the Democrat/Socialist Billy Mc. never allowed good legislation to come to the floor to protect school children or rapists to be held responsible to strengthen statutory rape laws? Is that the Democrat/Socialist representation you would like to see in the House of Representatives? And another Democrat/Socialist/Marxist majority in the House will result in a like speaker.
    But he WILL stand in front of the camera to have you believe he subscribes to the GOP! Do YOU believe that?

  4. joel permalink
    November 6, 2011 7:32 pm

    Flyers accusing Bubba was placed on cars today in Tishomingo County, PARKED AT CHURCHES. Not only are these folks low down liars, they are stupid.

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