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If Yes=No, Then I Guess VPAC Is Right

November 3, 2011

Victory PAC, the House Democrats political action committee, sent out a recent mailer targeting Russ Nowell in HD 43. The former Democrat is locked in a tight re-election battle with Michael Evans as Nowell looks to win as a Republican for the first time in a district that includes Kemper, Noxubee, and Winston counties.

Are political ads misleading at times (most of the time)? Sure. But they usually try to be in the ballpark. The latest Democratic ad hitting Nowell, however, is absolutely false. That mean, evil Republican Russ Nowell voted “to allow tainted toys to reach our children.” The horror.

Lets look at that in detail. The Democrats are talking about HB 1240 from 2008 which would have “allowed claims for alleged defective children’s products to be filed under the Mississippi Consumer Protection Act, which has differing standards than Mississippi’s existing products liability laws,” according to the Mississippi Business Journal.

It easily passed both chambers: 119-3 in the House and 51-0 in the Senate. Nowell voted for it. Haley Barbour would veto it arguing that it would undermine the state’s tort reform laws. The override failed with 72 supporting it in the House- including Nowell. View the roll call here.

The Democratic PAC wants us to check the facts. They source three stories about Chinese toys- two from 2007 before the vote took place and one from 2010. Nothing about the vote. Also, keep in mind that Nowell didn’t join the legislature until January, 2008. And they also source this MBJ article mentioning the governor’s veto. Nothing about the vote.

When the Republicans screwed up on Deborah Dawkins, they admitted so and changed the ad. Will House Democrats? I expect we’ll see a demand letter from the Republican side on this.

As we’d expect, VPAC has certainly been active- and deceptive. I have had multiple people ask me what exactly VPAC is, or who is behind it. Why? Because it says nothing about them being the House Democratic PAC on mailers or radio ads. Contrast that with Republican material which comes from the party- it actually says who they are. There is no abbreviated name for the House Republican Conference PAC. Deceptive? Sure. Illegal? No. But it is very telling.

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  1. Republican Dawg permalink
    November 3, 2011 11:46 am

    Anyone else heard or know if this has been going out to other districts?

  2. James permalink
    November 3, 2011 2:06 pm

    I think what VPAC is doing here may actually be illegal – if nothing else, a violation of the US Postal Code. Go back into the ‘way-back memory machine’ – 1998; Congressional Election; 4th District MS. Mail pieces were sent out making statements about one of the candidates that were untrue. Federal prosecution (only one in the country up until that time) leading to a conviction.

    Don’t know if this piece and others rise to that level, but this one clearly is stating a lie. And thus far, there has been no attempt to ‘walk it down’. In fact, I understand there is now a second piece, this one promoting Michael Evans (Russ Nowell’s Dem opponent) in which this same lie is stated again.

    • jack bauer permalink
      November 3, 2011 4:21 pm

      Great points, James . . .but we don’t need to push too hard on this. The same argument about legality might very well apply to the allegations being mailed out by our side against the D’s who “alledgedly” voted against the child protection act. Biggest thing we don’t want divulged, though, is I THINK the GOP opposition research firm that did the Philip Davis mailer is THE VERY SAME FIRM hired by Advance Mississippi PAC to compile all our GOP op research! When I saw the Debbie Dawkins debacle, it actually reminded me of both the Davis piece and those emabarrssing retractions we had to do about Dick Molpus’s “slum lord” apartments (both erroneous assertions from Alvarez Jackson, if I remember correctly).

  3. November 3, 2011 2:21 pm

    KIDS Pac is sending out similar mailers.

  4. Grizz permalink
    November 3, 2011 2:34 pm

    Am wondering if he bought some of those toys for HIS family’s kids–
    well,Christmas is coming,i just know he will buy some THIS season–
    this was a non-partisan political no brainer,just like the Congressional “In God we trust” motto vote–alwaysssssssss a dufus or two in the bunch——

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