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Mailers From Bo Eaton & Michael Evans

November 4, 2011

Democrats Bo Eaton and Michael Evans (and presumably others) are out with essentially matching mailers promising to fight special interests and stand up to lobbyists in Jackson. Evans is running against Russ Nowell, the incumbent in HD 43. We mentioned the false mailer that VPAC sent out in that district yesterday which went beyond stretching the truth to simply lying about the actual vote. And in HD 79, Eaton faces Republican Ron Swindall as he tries for a fifth term. I’ve been told that the Eaton mailer was paid for by his campaign, while the Evans piece comes via VPAC- which is very interesting since they are basically identical.

Here are the mailers:

The themes are the same, but as we have been talking about with David Baria, Bennett Malone, and others, those evil special interests and lobbyists are in the eye of the beholder. When they donate to your opponent their bad, donate to you and their not really special interests.

First, the latest campaign finance report from Michael Evans. He picked up about $17,000 in October ($25,000 total this year), with a small chunk coming from himself and then two other donors: More than $13,000 from VPAC and $1,200 from the Justice For All Mississippians (Mississippi Trial Lawyers Association) PAC.

As for Eaton, he raised about $32,000 in October, $52,000 this year. About a third of that total was self-financed, while $1,000 came from Democrats Cecil Brown and Joe Warren, with more than $14,000 from VPAC. To his credit, we did find a few individuals here and there on his report.

They could say who they don’t take direction to all day long, but their campaigns are funded by House Democrats (and by extension the groups and legislators that fund them).

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  1. Louis permalink
    November 6, 2011 11:34 pm

    “When they donate to your opponent their bad, donate to you and their not really special interests.”

    Their =/= They’re

    Thought you were a lawyer.

    • November 7, 2011 1:21 pm

      Not a lawyer. Wrong blog. Just someone with grammar issues.

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