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Wicker Not Happy With Carson Mailer

November 7, 2011

In one of his latest mailers sent out to residents of HD 64, Dorsey Carson makes the case that he is bi-partisan. It reads, “Good ideas and hard work mean more than party labels. Dorsey Carson won’t let partisan bickering get in the way.” He then proceeds to include images with Thad Cochran, Roger Wicker, and Donald Rumsfeld. Also included were pics with former Democratic governors William Winter and Ray Mabus.

Sen. Wicker was none too pleased with Carson using the photo as a pawn of his campaign. As a result Wicker recorded a robocall where he called the mailer misleading and reaffirmed his support for Republican Bill Denny.

And here is a statement from Denny: “I am appreciative of Sen. Wicker setting the record straight on the misleading mail piece that my opponent sent out over the weekend. This mail piece tried to confuse voters into believing that my opponent is an actual conservative. I think the facts have proven otherwise throughout this campaign. I am proud to not only have the support of great conservatives like Roger Wicker and Haley Barbour, but also the endorsements of the MS Right to Life, the NRA, and every major business association. I will continue to be a conservative that you can trust to look out for the best interests of voters in HD 64.”

Carson goes on to say that he believes in a better way and that he will use the best ideas from “Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents and the Tea Party to move us forward.” What about Occupy Jackson and their ideas?

A picture that didn't make the cut

But here is the truth on messages like these that generally come from Democrats: There is no such thing as bi-partisan. On the first day in office, a legislator will choose between a Democratic Speaker and a Republican Speaker which will set the course for everything that happens over the next four years. Carson likes to knock Denny for lack of legislation he had passed over the last four years and the truth is you can say that about any Republican. Why? Because after Billy McCoy was elected Speaker he proceeded to stack the committees in a way that virtually guaranteed no conservative legislation would ever see the light of day.

Carson is basically attempting to make the same argument Travis Childers once made. But because “independents” like Childers voted for Nancy Pelosi, we got Obamacare and everything else along those lines. It didn’t matter that Childers voted against it. Just like it doesn’t matter what Carson or any other Democrat does after voting for Bobby Moak, Cecil Brown, Tyrone Ellis, etc.

There will be a vote for either a Republican Speaker or a Democratic Speaker and that is the vote that matters and is the only thing that needs to be displayed on mailers, fliers, etc.

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  1. Republican Dawg permalink
    November 8, 2011 3:36 pm

    That’s quite a picture!

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