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GOP On The Verge Of Winning The House

November 9, 2011

A very good night across the board for Republicans, and the first thing I wanted to go over were the House results and where we stand this morning. Basically, control of the House depends on some early morning calls after they get through with absentee ballots and affidavits. If all stands as it is right now, Republicans would have picked up nine seats in the House, one more than needed for a majority.

The GOP needed eight seats, here is my math on the House:

Four GOP pickups have already been called:

In HD 19, Republican Randy Boyd unseated Mark DuVall, winning 62 percent of the vote. In the neighboring HD 20, incumbent Jimmy Puckett fell to Republican Chris Brown 56-44. Both these districts represent a shining reversal of the blow they dealt the GOP four years ago. Republican Gene Alday has unseated John Mayo in HD 25. I have heard Democrats talk of voting irregularities here but Alday is showing a commanding 57-43 win. And in HD 107, Republican Doug McLeod easily picked up the open seat previously held by Democrat Deryk Parker. McLeod defeated Douglas Lee 68-32.

Republicans are leading in the following Democratic held seats: HD 3 (previously held by Billy McCoy), HD 10, HD 13, HD 28, HD 93, HD 105, HD 111, HD 121. (Confirmed Republican pickups in bold).

That is 12 seats right there. The Democrats don’t have any official pickups yet, but are leading in these Republican held seats: HD 24, HD 43, HD 73. Greg Snowden hasn’t been declared the winner in HD 83 yet, but he has won 52% and is up by 10 points in a three-way race with all the precincts in. And Bill Denny will be back for another term in HD 64, the other Republican held seat we were worried about.

That is how I get to nine. Plus, there are a couple Democratic held seats where the Democrat is leading, but it hasn’t been called because of how close the vote is: HD 4 and HD 45.

We will have much more coverage throughout the day, and hopefully some of these undecided races will be called.

Update : The GOP is claiming victory in the House:

“In the House, Republicans Gene Alday, Randy Boyd, Chris Brown, Tommy Taylor, Carolyn Crawford, Doug McLeod, Timmy Ladner, Tracy Arnold, Nolan Mettetal, Steve Massengill, and Dennis DeBar have all received enough votes to ensure that outstanding ballots will not alter their victories.

Republicans Charles Busby also led his race for the Mississippi House, with only affidavit ballots yet to be counted.”

The GOP says they have 11 officially counted that will switch. If you subtract the three possible loses (Bondurant, Ellington, Nowell), then you get eight- the magic number. At that point, HD 111 become a battle for the 63rd seat and its outcome wouldn’t affect majority control.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Travis Rose permalink
    November 9, 2011 7:44 am

    Snowden claims victory.

  2. Michael Zubick permalink
    November 9, 2011 5:21 pm

    Definitely historic for the House. Great day for MS. Makes me ready to run back.

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