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HD28: Double-Counting In South Cleveland

November 10, 2011

One of the races that the Associated Press has yet to make official is HD 28. This is the Delta seat previously held by Democrat David Norquist. He passed on re-election and unofficial numbers show Republican Tommy Taylor leading Democrat David Dallas 3,063 to 2,878.

I learned about some rather interesting happenings in this district over the past day or two. Here are some details: Dallas knows he lost and he has given up. He’s apparently turned off his phone and cut off communication. He is ready to concede but the state Democratic Party, still scratching and clawing for victories, won’t let him.

So what have they turned to? In the South Cleveland precinct, a heavy Democratic precinct I should add, they have tried to double count the whole precinct and then double count a machine. I am told they were showing more votes on Tuesday then in 2008 with Barack Obama on the top of the ballot. Lawyers from the GOP and Taylor stepped in to stop this. I don’t know where things stand now, but the GOP feels good about this one.

** Another race of interest that is still in the air is HD 73. I have been told the GOP has conceded HD 24 and HD 43, but haven’t given up on Jim Ellington’s seat. Down by about 130 votes in unofficial numbers, they feel that the precincts that the absentee ballots come from give the Republican hope. I believe counting began today; not sure on the expected finish date.

** In HD 83, Democrat Gary Houston formally conceded this afternoon. This surprised me somewhat that he would actually acknowledge defeat, but Greg Snowden has held on here for the Republicans.

** For HD 93, I am told that Dirk Dedeaux, who looks like he lost on Tuesday, is looking around for votes and that is part of the hold up on the AP calling this race. Currently, Republican Timmy Ladner leads 4,225 to 3,897.

** As Charles Busby looks like he has defeated Brandon Jones in HD 111, the Democrat said this about what he plans to do now: “We owe the election commissioners, circuit clerk, and circuit clerk staff our gratitude for the hard work they’ve put in over the last two days. After counting 5,926 votes, the unofficial tally shows a 35 vote difference. At this time, it is very important that we make sure every qualified vote is counted. We owe that to each person who participated in Tuesday’s election. This is our first opportunity to review the process so we’re going to take a short time to do that now.”

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