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Legislative Races Still Too Be Determined

November 10, 2011

As of this morning, we still have several races that have yet to be called by the Associated Press or that we have heard questions about. I don’t know as much about the people who have been in these districts, but here is the latest:

SD 18: Giles Ward has apparently won re-election although the race hasn’t officially been called. According to the Neshoba Democrat, Ward leads by about 150 votes or 50.43 versus 49.57 for Democrat Steven Kilgore. A GOP hold would give them 30 members in the Senate, and leave Democrats at just 22.

HD 24: Have heard nothing about this. Last numbers we have seen are the unofficial totals showing Democrat Kevin Horan leading Sid Bondurant by 145 votes. This would be a Democratic pickup.

HD 25: This was called for Republican Gene Alday on election day but some Democrats have complained that this race was left off some ballots in Coahoma county. What I have heard is that their weren’t enough votes in that precinct to flip the election even if John Mayo received 100 percent of them.

HD 28: Don’t know much about this race, but Republican Tommy Taylor is holding a 200 vote, four point, lead over Democrat David Dallas according to unofficial numbers. The GOP believes they have this won. Here is a story from the Bolivar Commercial about some election discrepancies.

HD 43: The numbers are showing Democrat Michael Evans up by about 140 votes over Russ Nowell. This would be a Democratic pickup, but I have heard some talk that their were some voting irregularities that Republicans want looked at.

HD 45: This was called for Bennett Malone last night with an 80 vote lead over Republican Jay Mathis. Democrat hold here, although I’ll go on the record and predict that this is Malone’s last term.

HD 73: The unofficial numbers show Democrat Brad Oberhousen leading Jim Ellington by about 130 votes. This would be a Democratic pickup. But remember, this is Hinds county. Look for final counting to wrap up within a mere couple months.

HD 83: Why the AP hasn’t called this is beyond me. They still don’t have Lauderdale numbers even though they’ve been out for a day. Democrats may challenge here but Greg Snowden has won. He received a majority plus he’s up by about 10 points in the three-man race. Apparently Gary Houston will hold a press conference today. If you have followed Houston, I doubt he will ever concede.

HD 93 & HD 121: Neither of these races have officially been called despite GOP leads of 300 and 400 here. A Sun Herald article yesterday called these for Timmy Ladner and Carolyn Crawford. The GOP has also declared victory in these South Mississippi seats.

HD 111: Lots of people are down in Jackson county right now trying to figure this one out. Absentee ballots were counted yesterday which ended with Republican Charles Busby clinging to a 57 vote lead with only affidavits remaining; this was a two vote gain for Busby. According to Mississippi Press, there are about 500 affidavits to be counted (or not counted).

Overall, nothing much has changed in the House. Republicans are looking at a net 9 seat gain (12 pickups, 3 loses), unless the affidavits flip HD 111. Either way, Republicans should be at at least 62 members in the House.

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  1. Sid permalink
    November 10, 2011 8:51 am

    Pete Perry was on SupertalkMS this morning just after 7 AM. He is down on the coast w/ Busby. He said there are about ~200 affidavits to be counted specifically for HD 111 and that many of the affidavits are from conservative precincts where Busby did well. If all the affidavits are valid Jones will have to carry, at the minimum, 65% of those ballots to win. An unlikely scenario.

  2. jarod permalink
    November 10, 2011 9:18 am

    Brad White lost to incumbent Joe Harvey in Simpson County by 1,000 votes for the Chancery Clerk job.

  3. Jason permalink
    November 10, 2011 10:48 am

    Nowell has conceded, he lost by less than 150 votes. Bondurant, as I have been predicting all year, also lost. I am very pleased that the Republicans have a majority in the state house, even with these losses. I am sure that Nowell and Bonduarant feel bad after sitting on the back benches and not entering the promised land with the rest of the party.

  4. Jeff Amy permalink
    November 10, 2011 9:09 pm

    If you knew what it’s like when the AP has to uncall a race, you’d understand why we’re so slow. The GOP is on track for 63, though, barring surprises.

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