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Sen. Jackson Guilty But Details Scarce

In a story we have been tracking since August, Sen. Robert Jackson (D-Marks) was found guilty in Quitman County Justice Court on Monday. According to WREG, Jackson “was found guilty of simple assault to create fear, and stalking, also known as harassment.”

But details of the proceedings were pretty hard to come by. The county didn’t make records available and as we’ve said getting news out of Quitman county isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. Along with WREG, the Clarksdale Press Register also covered the story but you need a subscription to read their report.

The story dates back to before the Democratic primary when Darnell Servillion, a local man, was campaigning for Jackson’s wife’s opponent in a county race, and he alleged that the state senator threatened him and pulled a gun on him. Following the ruling on Monday, Jackson maintained his innocence and said he would be appealing.

Jackson is set to begin his third term in January representing a district that includes portions of Coahoma, Quitman, Tate, and Tunica counties. During the previous four-year session, he served as Chair of the Executive Contingent Fund committee and Vice-Chair of the Veterans and Military Affairs committee.

What happens with Jackson is anyone’s guess. In the WREG report, they interviewed a couple constituents who weren’t happy with his behavior. Perhaps he may face pressure to resign sometime in the future. But whatever he does or doesn’t do, his decision won’t affect which party controls this seat. It is as safe as any for a Democrat regardless of the cloud hanging over their head.

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