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Bryant Starts With A Strong Team

Earlier this week, Phil Bryant announced the creation of policy committees to help the next governor build his policy agenda as Bryant gets ready for his first session of the legislature as governor. This structure will be chaired by Mark Garriga, former Chief of Staff for Governor Kirk Fordice, and you will see many prominent names among the chairs:

– Agriculture/Forestry: Cindy Hyde-Smith, State Senator and Ag Commissioner-elect

– Budget: Dr. John Kelly, City Administrator, City of Gulfport

– Education: Charles McClelland, Chairman, State Board of Education

– Energy: David Gates, President, Atmos Mississippi

– Government Accountability: Hoopy Stringer, Former Mississippi Dept. of Finance and Administration Executive Director

– Health Care: Dr. Randy Easterling, President, Mississippi State Medical Association

– Information Technology: John Hairston, CEO and Chief Operating Officer of Hancock Bank

– Jobs: Glenn McCullough, Chairman of Advance Mississippi, Former Director of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

– Public Safety: Toby Trowbridge, Sheriff, Madison County

– Regulatory: Ron Aldridge, Executive Director, Mississippi National Federation of Independent Businesses

– Tourism: Billy Hewes, Senate Pro-Tem, State Senator

Bryant said this about the the chairs: “I am pleased to have so many experts from all over the state of Mississippi on these policy committees to help build an agenda for the upcoming legislative session. I am confident that the experience and dedication everyone collectively brings to the committees will help make the legislative session in January very productive.”

And Jim Herring, who is heading Bryant’s transition, said this: “The Governor-elect has put together a knowledgeable and well-respected team of experts to help guide his policy agenda for his term in office. These policy committees will review Governor-elect Bryant’s proposals and policies as well as new ideas, and they will make recommendations about strategies to make them successful.”

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