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Precincts In Jackson That Bennie Wants

We recently obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by Sen. Kelvin Buck and others regarding Congressional redistricting where they offered their own plan, one we can presume is favored and supported by Bennie Thompson.

Earlier this week we gave some assumptions on what the plan might include, and here are those details:

– In Hinds county, the following precincts currently in MS-03 would move to MS-02: 8, 9, 17, 36, 37, 44, 45, and 79. Here is some info on those precincts. The following are majority black: 36, 37, 44, and 79; the following have a substantial number of white liberals: 8, 9, and 17. The only bright red precinct that would move to MS-02 is 45. It’s 87 percent white/ 79 percent McCain but surrounded by majority black, Democratic precincts and there is nothing else you can do if you want to move those to the Second.

– There were also various changes in Madison county. A couple white/ Republican precincts would move from MS-02 to MS-03 including Virlilia and Gluckstadt. At the same time, these precincts would move to MS-02: Ratliff Ferry, Cedar Grove, and Bear Creek. Cedar Grove is a small but largely white and Republican precinct. Ratliff Ferry is majority black while Bear Creek is split right around 50/50.

– All of Leake county, which is split right now, would be in MS-02 as would Panola. Grenada would send a couple precincts to MS-02 including Holcomb, Sweethorne, and boxes within the city of Grenada- Republican and Democratic alike.

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