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Democrats To Follow Next Year

As House Democrats prepare for life in the minority, one thing that some RWDs may not be able to avoid is generally popular, conservative legislation coming from the House leadership. Something we haven’t seen until this point in that chamber, but similar to the Senate over the past several years when the GOP took control of that chamber and many white Democrats had to support their agenda on a number of key issues.

I believe the Black Caucus will get a certain number of chairmanships and can join with the GOP on some issues, but generally they are going to be at opposite ends of the political spectrum. Those are simply their ideological differences.

But I would pay attention to several RWDs as they will probably help bolster support joining with the GOP majority on a number of key issues. If they don’t, they may pay the price.

The members I would follow include:

Nick Bain, District 2
Jody Steverson, District 4
Bennett Malone, District 45
Jason White, District 48
Bo Eaton, District 79
Sherra Lane, District 86
Joe Warren, District 90
Randall Patterson, District 115

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