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Chuck Jordan Wins McTeer’s Seat

December 13, 2011

Independent Chuck Jordan won a landslide in the Greenville mayor’s race yesterday, carrying about 64 percent of the vote in the shrinking Delta city that is now 80 percent black. He defeated Democrat Carl McGee, who had been serving as Vice Mayor for the past eight years. Jordan will replace Heather McTeer, who opted against a try at a third term and is now focusing on an uphill run against Bennie Thompson.

I have heard McTeer is no longer as popular as she once was in her home city, and that could have something to do with her decision not to run again. And that may have also translated well for Jordan on Monday.

Here is a release from the winning campaign:

Retired banker, Charles “Chuck” Jordan, won handily in the City of Greenville’s Municipal Election on Monday. With all the votes counted and now certified, Jordan had 3890 votes and opponent Carl McGee had 2168. McGee is currently serving as Vice Mayor and is finishing up 8 years on city council.

In what can only be described as a mandate from the whole community, Jordan claimed 64% of the vote in a city that is 80% Black.

“I’ve said this many times, and I’ll say it again tonight, ‘it’s not about me, it’s about we,” Jordan said at an election night party. “Tonight is proof of what we can do if we all pull together and fight for Greenville.”

“This election proves the people of Greenville want a change,” said Jordan.

Chuck Jordan, retired president of Planters Bank for 32 years, is running for mayor of Greenville to stop its dramatic loss of population by running the city like a business. It’s no secret that Greenville and Washington County had the greatest population decline in the state over the past decade. Greenville’s almost 20% population decline since 2000 translates to 7,233 people who packed up and moved out of Greenville because of three words: quality of life. They believe that Greenville is no longer a place they want to call home.

Chuck Jordan’s proven leadership ability transformed Planters Bank from Greenville’s fourth largest bank into the city’s largest bank. When Chuck first started as President of Planters in 1979, the bank had $7 million in deposits, and by the time he retired this past April, the bank had grown to $180 million in deposits.

When asked what he was going to take some time off after his victory, Chuck was quick to respond with a to-do list.

“My first plan of action is to email the Secretary of State Office about those 1,000 tax forfeited properties the city doesn’t have on its list to be removed,” said Jordan. “It was my plan during the campaign, and it will be something I look to work on when I take office in January.

Jordan will be inaugurated on January 3, 2011 by Mississippi Supreme Court Justice and Greenville native, Leslie King.

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  1. Hayes Dent permalink
    December 13, 2011 9:34 pm

    I said it last night, but this may be the biggest political win of 2011. Chuck is a good man and will make a great Mayor for a great Delta town that badly needs one!

  2. douglas winston permalink
    December 21, 2011 10:18 pm

    He was the president of planters bank in Greenville and how many blacks have you seen in positions of power in planters bank to loan money or make lending decisions. If you walk in any bank in Greenville you would think that Greenville was 70% white. This is the existing of the still plantation mind set where white people still make all the decisions that control our economic destiny. Mr. Jordan has been buying support of your so call leaders that have challenged credit for years. You cannot be objective if the man has allowed you to borrow money not based on the 4 c’s. Anyone that’s involved in politics in the south understands that republicans run as independents to confuse blacks that are not active in politics.

  3. douglas winston permalink
    December 23, 2011 6:11 am

    No, I don’t believe all white people are racists. And I don’t believe you can judge the result of one black major that had two terms to correct the mess created by 30 white majors that wanted to keep a cheap labor force by denying universities from locating in Greenville. Greenville’s problem has been and still is this plantation mentality. Greenville focus under these majors was to keep the cheap black labor force for the manufacturing base that existed, not thinking global that economies of scales would eventually shift these jobs to China. One black major could not solve this problem just like one black president can solve the problems our nation is confronted with, our problems in Greenville are systematic and compound over a 100yrs. It is and was unfair to believe one black major could solve this problem. On chuck Jordan I know him personally, he is a Mississippi Republican whom believe in cheap labor and that equal us. I don’t use the word racist without thought or first hand experience. We can buy into this belief that a black person has to be a super hero when they take over a job, we hold each to a standard that is just too high.

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