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2 Incident Violations in friendly match Indonesian League (LIGINA)

2 incident Violations in Friendly Match Indonesian League (LIGINA)

2 Incident Violations in friendly match Indonesian League (LIGINA) – The joy of world football pervades all league associations around the world. One by one, leaders or governments in the world gave permission for this sport to be held again.

This time we are going to discuss football news in one of the countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia. You may find an information about Slot Online as well.

The Association of Indonesian Professional Footballers (APPI) intervened to do a mediation to all involved players at a friendly match between PS Club Pati and Persiraja held.

Although in fact, the referee gave a red card and club have already sentenced the players who committed violence in the match.

2 Incident Violations

2 incident of violent violations committed in the match at the Pancoran Soccer Field, Jakarta, Monday (6/September/2021). The first is a kick to the face by Syaiful Indra Cahya (PS Club Pati). Second, a Zulham Zamrun’s hard foul.

APPI shows a big disappointing feeling that the harsh violation occurred after the government allowed the league started again. Although, Indonesian footbal is quite famous for its hard game. Those incidents defaced a lot.

APPI’s Statements

“APPI, through a virtual meeting, invited all players who involved with the incidents.

Either Syaiful Indra Cahya and Zulham Zamrun from PS Club Pati, or Mukhlis Nakata and Defri Rizky from Persiraja Club.” APPI explained.

“APPI bridges the meeting between them, so that disputes do not spread further. APPI also instructs the involved players to respect sportivity, be professional, and uphold the highest solidarity with their profession and take lessons in the future,” the statement continued.

In the virtual meeting, APPI was represented by the President of APPI, Firman Utina, the Vice President of APPI, Andritany Ardhiyasa, and 2 (two) Senior Executive Committees, Bima Sakti and Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto expressing their anxiety due to the incident.

Not to forget, APPI also gave directions to the players involved in order to protect football from negative actions, especially since Indonesian football has just come back to life after being in suspended for more than a year.


These negative actions are considered by APPI to be able to destroy the euphoria of the long-awaited competition.

In the medium term, APPI will coordinate with all footballers and schedule a virtual meeting with one of the topics to be discussed is to take care of each other’s, be professional, and make a mutual commitment to support each other in the profession of professional football players.

“APPI will also be doing a coordination with professionals, in this matter related to Sports Psychology to review and provide education to APPI members, so that we never see similar incidents in future,” APPI’s last statement.

Everyone definitely crave for a beautiful match filled with skill action and strong strategy.

Everything can be created with the awareness and cooperation of all parties, both from association managers, club directors, players, and football fans or connoisseurs.

Thanks to APPI, for responding quickly and precisely to the incident. Hopefully, from this incident can create a better football performance, not in the Indonesian league (LIGINA) only.
Bravo Football.

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