Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots – Starting compete in online games world and popularly known as Topgame. And in 2015, Topgame changed its name to Pragmatic Play until now.

With the main concept of their business industry that is always evolving to be dynamic and flexible, they have managed to become one of the best Game Providers in the world.

And has released more or less thousands of titles that can be downloaded easily on their various smartphones or tablets around the world.

Here is the top 5 Best Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots.

Great Rhino

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

One of the best video slot titles released by the Pragmatic Play Team. Takes you on an adventure in the vast African savanna filled with wildlife.

Such as card symbols, cheetahs, hyenas, crocodiles, geese, and of course rhinos as the main icons. Great Rhino uses 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 paylines, by matching the wildlife symbols.

You can get 2 types of jackpots here. The first jackpot is that when you meet the Acacia tree symbol (WILD), you will get a free spin.

The second is when two full lines of rhino symbol, appearing on your screen, giving you a Respin if a new rhino symbol appears.

What makes Great Rhino so special?

Major and Grand Jackpots are the best, which give you 375x and 500x bet. Don’t be sad if those Jackpots didn’t appear, The prize from the rhino filled the reels up, is a quite good deal.

Caisen’s Gold

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

Next is Caishen’s Gold, with the theme of the God of Wealth from the east and several mountains surrounded by forest as the background. The god who is believed to always give his generosity to humans who worship him.

Caisen’s Gold uses 5 reels, 243 ways, and give us a chance 1000x bet to win. Try to win the Chaisen’s face (WILD simbol) as many as possible, cause they appeared randomly.

What makes Caisen’s Gold so special?

Through a combination between high value of RTP 97,08% and 243 ways to win, it becomes a guarantee that you can get a big win.

You just need to be more patient some valuable symbols appeared to form a winning line.

Gold Train

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

If you don’t mind playing an old slot machine. Gold Train is a highly recommended slot for you. Using a 3×3 grid, 3 paylines, and a unique progressive bonus feature provides a variety of random prizes.

Features a bell symbol, 1 to 3 stacked bars, a driver’s hat, the flag of a railroad crossing guard, and 7s decorating the grid.

There is also a golden train symbol as WILD and getting 3 SCATTER symbols while the FREE SPIN activated on the screen will take you into the bonus feature.

What makes Gold Train so special?

The progressive bonus feature and high RTP value are enough to make Gold Train a favorite slot game by slot lovers in the world.

Queen Of Gold

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

Queen Of gold with the theme of the story of a beautiful queen in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, is the third edition of Pragmatic Play taking the title Queen.

After the Queen of Atlantis and the Queen of Panther.

Using 5 reels, 25 paylines combined with multiple WILD symbols, will help you get through 6 bonus stages and a multiplier up to x100 total wins.

There is a gold ring in the grid that you can freely place anywhere manually. You must accumulate points up to 5 points, when the Cleopatra symbol lands counts as 1 point on the ring.

And the adventure of ancient Egypt begins when you hit the joker button after you collected 5 points.

What makes Queen Of Gold so special?

An interactive element and a progressive bonus is its biggest attraction. Increasing the bonus to Super level with x100 total wins is the ultimate victory that you only need to do.

3 Genie Wishes

Best 5 Mobile Pragmatic Play Slots

Taking the theme of a fairy tale from the Middle East, where a young man named Aladdin found a magic lamp containing a genie who grants 3 wishes to the master or the inventor of the magic lamp.

Using 5×4 grid, 50 paylines, and equipped with symbols of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, Jafar, Iago the bird, and Abu the monkey. While the genie symbol acts as a WILD symbol.

You will activate the free spins feature when you get 3 light symbols on the screen and have a chance to win 10x to 500x the bet.

What makes 3 Genie Wishes so special?

A bonus combination containing Raining or Sticky Wilds during the free spins, makes 3 genie wishes becomes one of the most loved titles via mobile slots.

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