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The Indonesian Cinema Industry Entrepreneurs Suffers USD 10,800

The Indonesian Cinema Industry Entrepreneurs Suffers USD 10,800 – The Indonesian cinema entrepreneurs complains the government’s policy on the Implementation of Community Restrictions.

The Indonesian government calls it PPKM (Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities). And inaugurate the extension of the PPKM which can cause even greater losses.

The Indonesian Cinema Entrepreneurs Community

The chairman of the Indonesian Cinema Entrepreneurs Association (GPBSI), Djonny Syafruddin said that he had mailed to a number of ministries.

He also asking for the opening of cinemas in line with the recent relaxation of PPKM in a number of regions.

The letter has also been informed to Airlangga Hartarto, the Coordinating of Economical Minister.

“We have sent the letter before September 6, asking for the cinemas could open for public, This ban has been too long,” Djonny explained on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

How much have the cinemas taken loss so far?

The Indonesian Cinema Entrepreneurs Lost

A cinema suffers a loss of IDR 150 million = USD 10,800 in a month, when it didn’t open.

So, we can imagine how much the total loss would be, if the prohibition was enforced since the Corona pandemic appeared.

Therefore, some cinemas owners gathered and discussed thus making a decision to send a letter to the government. If we list from A to Z, employees lose their jobs, the losses are various,” said Djonny.

Their request is for the government to issue an official permit for cinemas to Re-Open to the public.

And they are always willing to follow all health protocols from the government, both for employees and visitors..

The PeduliLindung application said that limit the visitors is a main requirement for operating a cinema.

Care to Protect is now the main thing, we have agreed on this before 6th of September. We have sent all of them to the regions,” He continued.

Ahmad Riza Patria, the Deputy Governor of Jakarta didn’t have a particular decision about the specific date.

To be sure, this issue is still our main concern.

Main Concern Issue

“Considering cinemas issue. It’s being our main concern, we haven’t got any decission on this.

We’ll find the right time and moment later,” said Ahmad Riza Patria at City Hall, Friday last week, September 10, 2021.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Home Affairs Regional Administration Ministry, Safrizal. He stated that the Coordinating of Economical Minister has the authority to decide the opening of the cinema.

Currently, the request is still under discussion in a number of related ministries and institutions. So, they ask to The Indonesian Cinema Industry Entreoreneurs to be patient.

Hopefully, there is a best solution for all parties and the cinema entertainment industry will return to normal.

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