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Agent 47 returns for one final round with Hitman 3, completing a trilogy started by IO Interactive in 2016. This new work contains the entire sum episode and is aimed at newcomers at the same time.

He has been scouring the video game industry since 2000, shaving his head and tattooing a barcode above his neck. Agent 47, the hero of the Hitman saga, is certainly a face less well known than others, but it’s a character that matters in the video game landscape. First, because with the termination of the service of Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) he is one of the last representatives of the infiltration genre. Then because his inimitable style is only achieved through his efficiency in the missions entrusted to him. With Hitman (2016) IO Interactive wanted to restart the license and offer a game system that was updated to the current standards. Five years later, the Danish studio regained its independence, ending its “World of Assassination” trilogy with Hitman 3, an episode in which 47 are looking for twists and turns in operating rooms where anything (or almost) is possible .

Hitman 3 launches after agent 47 and his friend Lucas Gray re-established contact. With the help of Diana Burnwood, they set up a company to get rid of the secret organization Providence once and for all. This mission will take the killer to every corner of the world, in a scenario not unlike that of spy films, Mission Impossible and James Bond at the top. We are pleased that the next project from IO Interactive offers exactly the opportunity to control 007 with the tip of the stick. Given what the studio can do with Hitman, it’s hard not to crave it.

Alone against everyone

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A skilled assassin, Agent 47 must navigate open planes to find clues as to the situation of his targets, to infiltrate high-security buildings without the guards armed to the teeth, to spot him, eliminate those targets, and then to his exfiltration pass before the murders reach the ears of the guard. For this, the player has a whole range of more or less advanced weapons (from piano wire to remote-controlled bombs from the sniper rifle …) and just as many ways to achieve his goal. We can also trust 47 to adorn other characters’ uniforms to take a back seat and get a little closer to the goals. But be careful, some will soon find out that the bald tattoo, for example in the laboratory, is not really scientific, and take it into custody. In Hitman 3, as in the previous episodes of the saga, you have to get your brain working.

The assassin’s arsenal

If, to a certain extent, it is entirely possible to turn off all the stops in the levels of Hitman 3, the game rewards the player a lot more for taking the time to assess the situation and using a more discreet and non-lethal strategy. In this regard, the game from IO Interactive impresses with the multitude of possibilities to carry out its missions. Exploring the levels always allows the player to discover new options, be it to infiltrate or kill their targets. It is also not uncommon when you arrive in a new place to be blown away by your knowledge and all the details that rave here and there. The atmosphere of each mission is unique and gives the levels visited a real seal of approval, which is why you will want to continue your investigations all the more. Hitman 3 was tested for twenty hours on the Xbox Series X and has never made a mistake on the optimization side: Everything is fluid and visually flat. We could have noticed some rather insignificant bugs that, apart from the premature disconnections and reconnections of the servers, did not affect the gaming experience.

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Beginners can rest easy, the developers have also provided everything necessary to help newbies take control of Agent 47. In addition to the extensive tutorial, the intrigue system is added to be discovered in the levels. Each of these intrigues allows the player to follow a narrative arc that more or less quickly leads to the death of the targets. Aside from ensuring that newbies don’t get too bogged down in them, these narrative threads (some of which are particularly well managed. We’ll think of the Dartmoor detective, for example) also provide an opportunity for IO Interactive to add a little more variety.

A little last one?

In a straight line, Hitman 3 can be completed in a dozen hours, but all the salt of the title lies in its replayability. At the end of each mission, the player will receive rewards based on the exploits made during the game. These will allow you to improve your mastery in this mission and unlock new possibilities: new weapon cache, new starting point, new weapon, shortcut … The options are so numerous that it is impossible to do everything in just one part . Everything is so well thought out that the player starts a mission again. And we like to run as it’s nice to try new things in Hitman 3. The game also suggests integrating the two previous episodes of the trilogy for those who already have them. In this way, Hitman 1 and 2 are now enjoying the progress of the third game in terms of gameplay and graphics.

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Just like the other two episodes of the trilogy, Hitman 3 offers a pretty inimitable experience in the genre of infiltration that some have forgotten for too long in favor of action games. In the controls of Agent 47, we are happy to find solutions that are more diverse than the others in order to move closer to its goals and get rid of them as a silent assassin. IO Interactive has perfected its art for a long time and proves it again with Hitman 3, one of the first very good games of 2021.

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Genre: Infiltration Developed and published by IO Interactive Published on January 20, 2021 Platforms: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia

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