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KEYNOTE. It’s time for Apple’s 2021 keynote! Follow all announcements live on this page. In particular, the apple brand presented the new AirTags!

The latest information about Keynote

The Apple Keynote begins! Follow our live feed for all the announcements of the evening. Apple announces the upcoming release of AirTags. Small connected objects that make it easy to find your lost goods thanks to the iPhone’s “Find” function. New iMacs will be available soon. These are completely based on the M1 chip from Apple and at the same time improve the various devices of the machine such as camera and microphone. A new iPad Pro compatible with 5G networks will also be introduced. The latter will also benefit from Apple’s M1 chip for better performance.


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19:47 – The new camera of the iPad Pro can follow your movements

The new iPad Pro will have a new high resolution camera. Thanks to the new built-in technology, the camera can follow your movements if you ever move in the frame.

19:44 – New generation iPad Pro presented and 5G compatible

The new generation of the iPad Pro is presented. The latter will be equipped with Apple’s new M1 chip for better performance. This new iPad will also be compatible with the new 5G communication networks.

7:39 PM – New iMacs start at $ 1299

The price and availability of these new iMacs will be announced! These new machines will be released in May and can be pre-ordered in late April. Their price is $ 1299 and $ 1499, depending on the configuration.

19:35 – New keyboards with Touch ID

These new iMacs also come with new keyboards. These can be equipped with Touch ID technology to unlock your device faster.

7:32 p.m. – New iMacs make multitasking and cross-device connectivity easier

Apple is taking this opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of these new iMacs equipped with the M1 chip. Users can easily multitask seamlessly whether in the office or while gaming. They also allow you to have connectivity with your iPad and iPhone.

19:28 – New iMacs are optimized for video and sound

These new iMacs won’t just have new colors. Apple has worked a lot on the various devices that will accompany these new machines, particularly the high resolution camera and “the best microphone available on a Mac yet”!

19:25 – Apple announces new iMacs equipped with the M1 chip

New iMacs will be available soon! These are available in 7 different colors and are completely assembled around the latest M1 chip from Apple. The power will be there!

7:15 p.m. – The new Apple TV 4K will be equipped with the A12 chip from Apple

Several new features for Apple TV and its programs are introduced. The next Apple TV 4K will also be equipped with the A12 chip from Apple so that you can enjoy your programs in optimal quality.

19:11 – The price for AirTags and the first accessories

Airtags are available for $ 29.99. Accessories are immediately available to equip your AirTags.

19:08 – AirTags are revealed!

After a few years of waiting, AirTags are finally a reality! These little objects can be placed anywhere and will allow you to find your lost objects thanks to your “Locate” application.


During this keynote, some products were eagerly awaited by the Apple community. Among the latter, we note in particular the rumors of a new iPad Pro, a new line of AirPods, but also the famous AirTags in flight, which have been expected for more than 2 years.

The iPad Pro 5G is one of the most recurring products among the expected announcements of the evening. This new version of the now familiar Apple tablet should include new mini LED screens as well as compatibility with 5G networks.

The 3rd generation AirPods as well as the AirPods Pro 2 are also at the center of many rumors. Apple’s wireless headphones are a real hit with the company, which could unveil new versions on Tuesday. Some images have already been made available on the Internet by DuanRui, a leaker used for Apple products.

AirTags are also part of the public’s expectations for this Apple keynote. As a reminder, this project, which has been in development for more than two years, consists of small tablets connected via bluetooth that allow you to easily find lost objects thanks to the iPhone’s “Find” application. To do this, it is sufficient to place the AirTags on objects that may be lost (e.g. car keys, wallet, etc.). A technology that is both practical and particularly expected by the Apple community.


As every year, the Apple Keynote will be broadcast live and in videos on the official website and on several other platforms. If you’d like to watch the conference live on Tuesday, April 20th, you have several options:

On YouTube with the official Apple channel, where the conference will be available both live and repeated. The live link will be available even before the official launch.

On the official Apple website. The live will be available on the Apple Events page once it begins broadcasting. On Apple TV through the official Apple Events channel, which you can find built into your computer if it’s compatible. Directly on with this page kept live to find all the announcements of the evening.

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