American wakes up with an English accent after having jaw surgery

In December 2015, an American woman woke up with a real “British” accent after a jaw operation. The native Texas woman suffers from the extremely rare Foreign Accent Syndrome.

She just had jaw surgery to have a better smile. Lisa Alamia is Texan and has a matching accent. Since that famous operation, however, she has spoken with an English accent, a bit like Mary Poppins. “I was shocked. I didn’t know how to take it, I was very confused. I said ‘Ya’ll’ the whole time before. Ever since I got that accent I noticed that I said ‘you all'”, entrusts the American to ABC.


Doctors who diagnosed them confided that the syndrome had not affected 100 people in a century. Most of the time this disorder is caused by brain damage, but Lisa Alamia is not. To date, there is no cure, and the stress can either subside over time or be permanent. Lisa Alamia has since been terrified that people will think she is lying. “I’ve never traveled abroad, except Mexico. My accent doesn’t come from there,” adds the young woman. So she decided to start therapy to accept the fact that an accent doesn’t define her.

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