An epic new adventure awaits!

On the occasion of the last Borderlands Show, we just learned that Borderlands 3 will benefit from additional content and a new campaign: Blood Bounty – Redemption by the Fists.

[Mise à jour le 22 mai 2020 à 14H33] Borderlands 3 will receive two major content updates next month. Regarding the third paid renewal of the title, we will have to wait until June 25th. On this occasion, we are promised a whole new ecosystem and environment inspired by the American Wild West. Indeed, you will be on the planet Géhenna. You will then be up against the Savage Devils who, unsurprisingly, are a hostile gang. This gang of criminals is pursuing a small town called Vestige, and their heads are set on a price.

Many side missions will also be included for the player. For example, you will have the leisure to rebuild the city so that it can regain its former glory. This specifically includes team challenges and missions or side tasks that have to be carried out. Good news for the immersion, as all of your actions will have an impact on the city and its people while you play. As your adventure progresses, as is customary in the series, an invisible narrator will narrate your epic.

This additional content uses the same mechanisms as the previous ones, which are still valued by the community. So, in addition to the good dose of action and characteristic explosions, many new characters will meet. This will be the case with Juno, for example, a woman of strong character. Little by little you will have the opportunity to explore the lore of each of these new characters. Finally, a new vehicle appears for the first time, the Jetbeast. This is a hoverbike that makes tiresome rides easier!

Everything about Borderlands 3

Borderlands is a looter shooter series that was very well received by all of the players who picked it up. Whether due to the nervousness of the gameplay or the originality of the characters, funny and colorful, everyone who touched the game was able to stick to the gameplay very quickly. Borderlands 3 therefore positions itself very quickly on a further development of the success of the series founded ten years ago.

The antagonists have always greatly influenced the success of the Borderlands, and those of Borderlands 3 are only not surpassed by the initial premise. In fact, there are two of them, Tyreen and Troy, and they are streamers, influencers obsessed with their image and have managed to militarize their personality cult blinded fan base to try to grab Pandora. To counter this threat, Lilith, a character from the first episode, recruits hunters to send her on a mission to stop these crazy Instagrammers.

4 heroes are therefore playable for this work: Zane, Fl4k, Moze and Amara, each with their own skills and personality. A tutorial from Clap-Trap, the fun robot in the series, quickly explains the new gameplay and highlights the new graphics which, if kept close to the previous opus, still work and have benefited from switching to a new graphic on the Motor . Time requires that gameplay, while maintaining the Borderlands signature, gain mobility and verticality to allow the player more freedom of movement. Freedom, also found in guns, is said to be 1 million (or billions? Anyway, the number is so crazy it’s easy to doubt it).


On the cooperation side, which is still inextricably linked to the success of Borderlands, Gearsbox has decided to make some improvements. For example, the loot is now instantiated, which means that each player can get a different item when defeating an enemy. This will avoid such scenarios where your teammate will grab all of the loot when it wasn’t necessarily meant for them. Also instantiated: the opponents. In order to offer a constant challenge, it is no longer a problem to join a friend of a different level than yours, as the game automatically adapts to a more or less constant challenge throughout the adventure. But of course, the intelligence of Gearsbox lies in the fact that these two new features are options that can be disabled, especially if you’re an old man who prefers to gamble the old-fashioned way.

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