big promo on the 5 o’clock series on Amazon and Boulanger

As a reference for connected watches, the Apple Watch Series 5 benefits from a discount on Amazon and a second bracelet for every purchase. At Boulanger, the Apple Watch Series 5 Nike has a 20% discount and the price drops from 479 euros to 379 euros.

To get the Apple Watch Series 5 at a discounted price with a free wristband, visit Amazon. Are you a runner Visit Boulanger for great deals with $ 100 off Apple Watch Series 5 Nike. With the approach of Christmas to the brand’s famous connected clock with the apple, two actions are under way.

The good offer for the Amazon Apple Watch Series 5: promos and a bonus gift

Amazon offers a second bracelet for every Apple Watch Series 5 purchase, but also discounts of up to 25% on many models. With this attached retina watch face, you can always check the time with this attached clock. These high-tech accessories also take care of your health thanks to their heart rate monitor. Equipped with a GPS, this watch offers precise activity tracking, personalized coaching, access to millions of Apple Music tracks, but also monitoring of the menstrual cycle for women.

Apple Watch Series 5 GPS + Cellular Aluminum Gold 44 mm Rose des Sables sports band



The Nike Baker’s Deal for the Apple Watch Series 5: 20% discount

Apple Watch Series 5 Nike GPS + Cellular Aluminum Silver Sports Band Pure Platinum / Black 40mm




With the Apple Watch Series 5 Nike from 479 euros to 379 euros in Boulanger, high-tech is at the service of athletic performance. The features of listening to your favorite songs or taking your calls are back, but the focus is on the running side. This watch, connected to the sports bracelet, makes it easy to install the Nike Run Club application. It is then possible to personalize the watch face for bespoke performance monitoring.

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