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Overwatch players can get many new skins and customizations through June 9, 2020. Here’s what awaits you in the game.

[Mis à jour le 20 mai 2020 à 14h21] Overwatch is celebrating its four year anniversary with various events, new cosmetics and a series of weekly challenges for exclusive skins. The anniversary has been celebrated this way every year since its release in 2016. Remember, in addition to unpublished articles, you have little chance of stumbling across articles that came out during the editions a year or two ago. First of all, you should know that you can get a reward by logging in daily. The offer is valid until June 9th and is the perfect opportunity to unlock a Legendary Anniversary Chest (which contains at least one Legendary item) effortlessly and, most importantly, for free!

During this event, players can try their hand at a variety of game modes. In fact, a new playable mode is offered in Arcade every day. Of course, the competitive deathmatch remains. Until June 9th, 2020 you can try these game modes, which again come from old events. Finally, starting today, weekly challenges will be set up. Therefore, players must complete the “Sigma Carbon Fiber” in the first week. The second week it will be “Fatale Fleur de lys” before it ends with “Mc Cree Masked Man”.

Here is the program of the game modes, depending on the day. As you can see, everyone will come back between two and three times.

Summer Games Shocks (Lúcioball): May 19, May 27 and June 4 Horrible Halloween Shocks: May 20, May 28 and June 5 Winter Wonderland Shocks: May 21, May 29 and June 6. Lunar New Year Shocks: May 22nd, May 30th and June 7th Overwatch Archives Missions: Insurrection – May 23rd, May 31st and June 8th Overwatch Archives Missions: Retaliation – May 24th, June 1st and June 9th . Overwatch Archives Missions: Storm Warning – May 25th and June 2nd. Overwatch Archives Challenge Missions: May 26th and June 3rd.

Finally, here are the skins that you can unlock. In the legends we find Reaper Masquerade, Ashe Little Red Riding Hood, Zenyatta Huitzilopochtli, Wrecking Submarine and Angel Dragoon. For the epic skins there are Mc Cree Masked Man, Sigma Carbon and Fatale Fleur de Lys! As a reminder, birthday boxes are available in the store in addition to the one offered if you log in daily.

Meet Echo, the new playable character

Overwatch introduced its new hero Echo, described as an “evolutionary robot with artificial intelligence that adapts quickly”. Some see it as a reference to the Alexa line of products on Amazon, which uses the same last name. According to a tweet from the official account, Echo represents “the very latest in technology”.

Echo is still in the testing phase as the developers want to know if gamers find it too powerful. She has a new ability called Duplicate which she can use to copy other heroes. It’s easy to imagine that this paves the way for a whole host of fascinating new strategies for gamers … Its main attack is the tri-shot, which allows you to fire three shots at once. She also has a system called Focusing Beam that does high damage to targets below half health.

Echo is the first new character in the game since Sigma’s release in July 2019. It is the largest gap between two new heroes in the history of the game. Blizzard is investing a lot of resources into developing Overwatch 2. It’ll be available on April 14th!

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What is Overwatch?

Overwatch was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter. The title never gets old thanks to frequent updates, new game modes, new maps, new skins, and brand new heroes. During a game you are connected to other players and form a team. You then have to compete against another team in different game modes. Despite being a first-person shooter, Overwatch is different from other multiplayer shooter games in that you can choose heroes from a range of very different characters. It is necessary to choose a character according to the decisions made by your teammates.

How many characters in Overwatch?


Overwatch currently features 32 playable characters known as heroes, as well as a number of supporting characters that are part of the game’s story. The latter takes place in the form of animated media and videos on the sidelines of the game. The majority of the heroes are viable (play). So you need to find out which type of character suits you best and make the most of their skills in both casual and competitive modes.

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