Internet + Mobile Box Private Sale: Savings of up to 620 euros!

A new private sale offers reduced prices for a subscription that combines Internet box and mobile communications. Here you can find all the prices offered and how they are used.

Here is a turnkey listing that might be of interest to many households. Have you ever thought about combining your Handy and Internet Box subscriptions for a better overall price? No? However, this is a great way to make some serious savings. Good news, that is also offered by a private sale open in February. BeMove (a CCM Benchmark Group company such as negotiated with the operators and received an offer from Bouygues Telecom for an exceptional private sale. It offers various options for adapting to the maximum number of users via three packs:

a box + TV offer. a mobile tariff with a smartphone for one euro. an exclusive package that combines box + mobile phone.

All information to take advantage of the offer

What savings?

The first Box + TV service offer saves up to 252 euros (during the campaign period compared to the contractual tariff), which with a mobile phone and smartphone package saves up to 308 euros for one euro, while the package with Box + Mobile enables savings of up to 620 euros.

Here are the details of the offers:

Box: Bbox must at the price of the fit: € 15.99 instead of € 21.99 per month for 1 year – 12 months obligation (then € 36.99 in fiber optics or € 33.99 in ADSL). Box package + Samsung A12 mobile phone and mobile phone package for one euro: Bbox muss + sensational 50 GB mobile phone package + A12 mobile phone for € 1: € 31.98 per month instead of € 36.88 – 12 monthly commitment (then € 62.98). Samsung A12 mobile phone and smartphone package for one euro: Sensation 50 GB mobile phone package + A12 phone for 1 €: 20.99 € per month.

How can I register and benefit from it?

Register directly online to take advantage of the offer


Everything can be done online in a few minutes. First, register in order to take advantage of the offers on offer. All you have to do is go to the website and enter your email address. You will then receive an offer with a subscription link. This registration is free of charge and without obligation. If you are interested in the offer, you will be guided step by step to change operator. Once a portability code has been sent to the operator, he takes care of everything. No paperwork, no termination form, and no line break before the technician intervenes at your home.

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