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AIRPODS PROMO – Particularly popular with Apple consumers, the popular wireless AirPods headphones are currently available on Amazon. An excellent opportunity to get them at a discounted cost of 44 euros.

While it is rare for Apple products to appear for sale, many people are looking for deals on the famous AirPods. The Apple branded Bluetooth headphones are among the benchmarks of the market and are regularly asked for in promotions. It must be said that AirPods have become Apple’s flagship products since their release. These Bluetooth headphones are easy to transport and use and offer very good sound quality, but also solid autonomy with almost 24 hours of listening time with their charging case. Great news: AirPods (2nd generation) are currently falling in price on Amazon. It is possible to find them at 135.00 euros instead of the usual price of 179.00 euros, which is a decrease of 44 euros!

Apple AirPods with wired charging case (2nd generation)

€ 179.00 € 135.00 SEE OFFER on Amazon

50 euros discount on AirPods Pro

Classic AirPods aren’t the only headphones hit by this drop in prices. The AirPods Pro also benefits from a discount of 229.00 euros instead of the usual price of 279.00 euros, which corresponds to a saving of 50 euros! As a reminder, these high-end version of the famous headphones have customizable tips to suit your needs and desires. AirPods Pro also benefit from noise-canceling technology to make the most of your music or conversations, water resistance and a wireless charging case.

Apple AirPods Pro

€ 279.00 € 229.99 SEE OFFER at Amazon


This is what you can equip for your future musical or professional listening. AirPods (Classic or Pro) come with a wired or wireless charging case, depending on your requirements. Note that these promotions are temporary and AirPods prices can change quickly.

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