Saudi women revolt on the web!

By being aware of the dangers posed by the lawmakers of the countries in which they are located, Arab women use the internet to rebel against the suppression of their fundamental rights.

After a religious Saudi woman was approached by the religious police about her painted nails, she filmed the argument on her cell phone and then broadcast the scene on the Internet.

With this video, the young woman wanted to remind of the latest positions taken by Sheikh Al-Sheikh, the new head of the religious police in Saudi Arabia. The young Saudi woman openly confronted the religious police: “I will not go. I want to know what you can do to me … the government has banned your patrols and your mission is to advise people, “while many Saudis do not dare to outrag the religious authorities who patrol the shopping malls to check this women are properly veiled. The video was broadcast on the Internet on May 28, 2012 and then appeared on several news programs in France.

Added to this is the liberation of lingerie in Saudi Arabia, which, despite conservative dissatisfaction and strictly enforced gender segregation, has resulted in many jobs being created for women in the sales sector. It is also thanks to the internet that this challenge was mastered.


Last June’s decision to replace lingerie shop assistants with Saudi shop assistants was preceded by an internet campaign led by women to end the embarrassment. Almost 28,000 Saudi women have applied to the Ministry of Labor for jobs in lingerie and cosmetics stores.

If some dare to believe that this woman’s attitude is reprehensible, it should be stressed that western internet users see her approach as an opportunity to get their message across on the internet as it continues the fight against discrimination against women in the Arab world . For or against, the consequences of such behavior vary widely, but the main thing is to be heard around the world, which confirms the liberation of women through the internet.

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